webcam black and white Martin unbuttoned his shirt.
He gently pulled her naked chest.
This young body exuded a charming scent.
He groaned softly.

She asked, frightened, if she had hurt him.
No, all is fine.
But I urgently need the toilet.
I have a bubble burst if.
you will remain on my lap.
She immediately jumped off and sat down next to him on the bed.
He dropped her mini-skirt down and kissed her on the navel.
Please, not so much, ”she said,“ I only drank a little in the car for courage and now I, in fact, would also need to go to the toilet.
He slowly removed his hand from her chest, walked along the stomach to the slightly apart legs.
He caressed her pussy lips through her panties.
Suddenly she squeezed her legs.
His hand was firmly clamped in her groin.
The member in his pants was standing upright.
This situation so aroused him that gradually everything became indifferent to him.
He wanted to be with her for as long as possible.
Of course, he also knew that it would hurt him if he had an orgasm, because his bladder was full.

With his fingers he pushed aside the strip of her panties and began to caress her pussy.
He actually felt that she was wet.
He slowly and gently caressed the clitoris.
She shrank even more.
Suddenly she jumped up and said: I’m sorry, but first I have to go to the toilet, so I can not take it anymore.
This is impossible, he replied, if you leave the room, we will need to take it off again.
Just go down the sink.
After a pause she went to the sink.
She just could not hold her ass over the sink to pee, the sink hung too high.
There was only one opportunity, snuggle up tightly against her and put her foot on the riser.
She lay back and with her hand completely pushed her panties to the side.
He saw the pale pink lips of the genital lips, which she was now parting with her fingers.
Nothing worked.
He saw how she strained her abdominal muscles and strained her. best days bonga cams
I think I can not pee like that.
In addition, so far no one has looked at me.
Close your eyes, relax, and just think you’re in the toilet.

He stomped behind, stroking her back.
A slight tremor ran through her body.
He grabbed the poor girl from behind around the body and caressed her flat stomach.
At the same time gently kissed her neck.
Suddenly I heard a very light sly.
A small trickle of her pussy purred in the sink.
But here she still had difficulty just putting her golden juice down the sink – she had such a small pressure in the stream that some urine flowed down her leg.
He watched her carefully through the small mirror, if she could stand it.
When she saw that she was falling not only into the sink, but a little bit on the foot, she tried to press her pelvis even more tightly with her back.
Because of this movement, her foot slipped off the edge of the sink, and she lost her balance.
Keeping his presence of mind, he grabbed her from behind and turned to himself so that she would not fall.
Waving her arms, she tried to find a foothold.
A little panicked, she looked at him in search of help.

Perhaps, from fear, she developed convulsions, and she described herself.
But as with her hands she was still holding onto him, now hot champagne ran into her panties.
Very quickly, the bright panties changed their color and turned into dark ones.
Her urine was now flowing straight into her underpants, evenly distributed on the inside of her thighs, and formed a lake around her legs.
She clutched at the crotch, as if she wanted to hold on a bit.
The only thing she achieved was pissing her hands.
This sight was not enough for him.
He quickly sat down to be even closer to her warm source, and with pleasure inhaled the exciting smell that flows from the gap.
Meanwhile, she pushed the dripping panties aside and just kept pissing.
Judging by her face, now she was not able to stop until her bladder was empty.
He could no longer restrain himself, and quickly pressed his mouth to the seething source.
His tongue went deep into the vagina.
Warm champagne filled his mouth.

It flowed so fast that he did not have time to swallow everything.
The urine that flowed into him again flowed from his mouth.
While she was quietly finishing, he fucked her tongue in a shiny hole.
She moaned softly.
I asked him to stop.
He looked at her in surprise.
He felt that she liked it.
But the shame of what happened to her was too great.
She began to apologize.
He interrupted her and said that he had never had such wonderful experiences.
Doubtingly, she looked at him and stroked his dick through his pants.
You, it will be unpleasant for you, if I do the same thing right now in my pants?
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