webcam girl dp Four hundred dollars! Where is it from? – Valera, from where.
– Regina Andreevna began, but only then noticed that the son was no longer in the room.
Joy mixed with anxiety.
Where could he get this money from? Can a fifteen-year-old boy earn so much in one day? And if not work, then what? The idea that Valera could steal something did not give rest.

However, the presumption of innocence extended to her own children, so Regina Andreevna put the money in her purse and gladly put the phone in place.
Urgency in the double service option has fallen sharply.
For the first time in the last few months, Regina slept soundly and carelessly, as in childhood.
Regina Andreevna woke up to the smell of fresh coffee.
Trying to understand through a dream, who could make coffee at this early hour, she sat down in bed, leaning on a pillow.
At this moment Valera entered her bedroom.
Regina wanted to be indignant that he again did not deign to knock, but she changed her mind, noticing the breakfast tray in his hands.

It was incredibly funny, but at the same time quite nice.
– Breakfast in bed? – grinned, asked Regina.
– Why did you decide to care for your old mother? – You? Old ?! – Valera frankly laughed, and this frankness was a balm for Regina Andreevna’s self-confidence.
Putting the tray on the bedside table, he added: “I just know what you’ve been through lately.”
So I decided to dedicate today to you.
On the tray, in addition to steaming coffee, were French baguette, cherry jam, and bacon and eggs.
Next to the tray, Valera put a fresh morning newspaper – apparently, he managed to go to the store early in the morning. webcam girl dp
It all looked so deliciously appetizing.
There were two opportunities to perceive what was happening — either it was the son’s touching concern for his mother, or no less touching, although for obvious reasons, absolutely unacceptable love-telling.
Having thought, Regina Andreevna took up breakfast.
Valera sat on the edge of the bed and began to look at the procedure.

“Join me,” suggested Regina Andreevna.
“No, I already ate,” he answered.
– I’d rather give you a foot massage.
“Well, I do not.
I know where it leads, ”decided Regina Andreevna.
– No, Valer, do not.
I do not want.
– she began, but Valera insistently threw the edge of the blanket up and put her feet on his knees.
“Relax and eat,” he said firmly, and began to gently massage her legs.
He didn’t allow himself anything extra, concentrating only on his mother’s feet, and Regina was really able to relax.
After breakfast, she picked up a newspaper.
The massage continued.
Regina put on her glasses so that she could read more comfortably; besides, it seemed to her that with glasses she looked at least two times less attractive than without them.
So she wanted to warn Valera’s possible next steps.
However, they did not follow.
It was great, although Regina Andreevna didn’t quite understand what had caused this change in her son’s attitude towards her.
However, soon everything became clear.

After reading the newspaper, Regina put it aside.
She lovingly looked at her son, who continued to massage her legs.
“Valer,” she said softly.
– Tell me please, where did you get this money? After a short pause, he answered: – Earned.
“Well, Valera, I asked you not to look for a job,” she reproached her son.
– Do not worry.
I know what I’m doing, – with these words, he suddenly grabbed Regina Andreevna in his arms and carried her to the bathroom.
– Where? What for?! – Regina Andreevna said, trying to escape from his hands.
– After breakfast it’s time to take a shower! – responded Valera, without visible efforts while holding Regina in her arms.
“I didn’t think that he was so strong,” said Regina Andreyevna surprised.
In the bathroom, he put her on the floor in the shower stall and carefully removed her glasses.
Then he grabbed the hem of the nightie and pulled it up.
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