where is webcam on computer My resistance caused a sensation here.
I was sure that the war had stopped, but only simply dragged out time.
Maybe I replayed, and now the ogres will break down and generally tear me apart.
Of course, they could just give me a letter from my father, in which he would describe everything, but I deliberately did not stutter about it.

I decided to soften the situation a bit: – Let’s take it as a rehearsal, and the first thing is to taste the delicacies.
The crowd unanimously went on a spree, but stood in indecision, waiting for a reaction from the king.
He hopelessly waved his hand, and everyone rushed like a rabid into the next room, where a banquet was prepared.
I went there too, because I was terribly hungry.
When I had enough, I quietly retired to my room and locked the door to a bolt.
Chapter 4 For the next three days I was idle and almost did not see Arigol or Amtrok.
Although once having met the king in the corridor, I did not fail to understand that his prediction did not come true.

On the evening of May 17, we expected the delegation to return.
King Amtrok took unprecedented security measures.
He, I and a dozen other three ogres even mounted their horses at lunch and rode off in an direction unknown to me.
Having passed like this for about three hours, we settled in a small village.
She was the designated meeting place.
The king clearly did not want to give out the location of the city.
It was already very dark, and I was nodding to sleep, as the ogres arrived with people.
I ran out into the street and recognized Borilay in the light of the torches. blonde webcam strip
Along with him was another half a dozen people among whom was my elder brother Hector.
We stood and hugged for quite a while.
All the people and notable representatives of the ogres settled in the large living room of one of the houses, whose owner, a small and funny ogre, constantly ran back and forth, bringing food and drink.
During the conversation, people confirmed the termination of military affairs.

Amtrok exulted, I have nowhere to rest.
After a general discussion, only people remained and a couple of ogres who were watching us were watching.
Amtrok did not want to leave us alone.
Forgetting about a dream, we sat down talking almost until the morning.
I was really good.
I woke up by noon.
I got up from the uncomfortable bed, I quickly got dressed and went out into the street.
Everyone was waiting only for me.
People have already left, and there was no limit to my disappointment.
“Well, okay, princess,” the king comforted me, “You got what you wanted.”
In four days you will receive a letter and go down the aisle.
My heart was sad and not at all caustic.
My hopes that the kingdom of Astiánas will unite with my family and rescue me did not materialize.
Fear for yourself was stronger than the desire to accomplish the feat for the sake of its constricted.
Of course, I couldn’t imagine how strong the ogres were, but this didn’t justify the inaction of people close to me.

So it is destined to be and it is necessary to move on to the second plan.
At leisure, I thought and set myself a goal that if I was already ordered to be an Ogre princess, then using the position I would do everything possible to strengthen peace between intelligent species.
First of all, so that ogres and people do not see enemies in each other.
On May 21, the ogres returned with a letter.
My father wrote that the delegation returned safely and then a lot of text about how he regrets that everything turned out that way.
According to his words, Astyanas came and grieved with it no easier.
On each sheet was a conditional cipher and seal of my father.
Forgery by the ogres was excluded.
Tomorrow is my wedding, and the antics will no longer pass.
This day has come.
Before lunch I swam in the pool and walked for a long time in the park.
After a lot of time, preening and dressing up.
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