young cam naked But this will not make you any easier, you will experience real pain.
Vikus, where to start.
While the slave is hanging, I think we need to beat his penis and testicles with a plastic ruler.
Great offer.

Only first you need to pull the rope all his household.
Victoria took the rope, tightly tied the testicles with it, tightened the head of the penis with a loop and jerked the rope, the slave twitched involuntarily from the pain.
You can twitch as much as you want, you are completely in our power, and nothing will save you from punishment.
With these words she moved away from the slave and took two plastic rulers from the table.
She gave one to her friend, left the other to herself.
Let’s start Yuliok, to punish this bastard, you beat the penis, and I will beat the balls, then we will change.
She struck a strong blow to the balls, Julia, too, did not hesitate for a long time and began to beat the slave’s cock.
They beat slowly, evenly, every blow, trying to apply, as much as possible and so that it brought the slave the maximum pain.

Each having struck about fifteen blows, they switched places.
Sergey already understood nothing from the painful shock, his consciousness completely shut down.
He woke up lying on the floor from the fact that someone had kicked him in the side.
Opening his eyes, he saw his Lady in front of him.
Vika’s beautiful face was filled with rage.
Slave get up, stand up on your feet, you specifically decided to disconnect, so as not to feel pain, but we will fix this now.
Sergey hurried to execute the order of his Mistress, but he managed with great difficulty, as the penis and eggs hurt so much.
Victoria helped him to rise, with a force jerking his hand over his hair.
He stood beaten, humiliated in front of his tormentors.
Goat, spread your legs as wide as possible, Julia and I will take turns kicking your injuries, after our blows you must stand, if you fall, then this will be followed by another punishment, the more, since you will fall, the stronger will be punishment.

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She spat in the slave’s face, Julia also repeated it.
Vick, let’s drink a little, but the throat is already dry.
Pour a friend, why not, you need to gain strength before torturing a slave.
They drank a glass of wine.
Vika walked over to the slave and her elegant slipper hit the slave’s eggs with all the force.
From the blow, Sergei survived, only slightly staggered.
Immediately he received the next blow, but from Julia.
This time he pain he doubled over.
Scum, straightened, alive, – followed by a strict cry of the Mistress.
Victoria smachno struck another blow, from which the slave could not resist and collapsed on the floor.
Stand up, creature, quickly.
Sergey got up and immediately a blow from Julia fell on him.
He fell to the floor again.
The girls loved to beat the defenseless man.
Sergei sustained several blows on his feet, but basically he was constantly falling, each time he found it more and more difficult to rise from floor to foot.
He was beaten, his eggs swelled and reddened, the pain in his groin was unbearable, but this was not enough for the torturers.

Nothingness, I told you that you fell as little as possible, but you ignored my words, within ten minutes you will receive the last punishment for today.
We will take a whip in both hands, and we will beat you for ten minutes without stopping.
How did I come up with Yul? This is called a four-handed game, great, but I’m afraid of Vic, we’ll score him, all of a sudden his heart stops from a painful shock, my slave died like that.
Yulenka, have you really begun to feel sorry for the slaves, this is not like you.
Not at all, I don’t feel sorry for him a bit, you know perfectly well that I don’t consider slaves to be people, these are only things that have no rights.
I just do not want to mess with him if he accidentally kills.
Nothing will happen to him, but if he doesn’t stand it, then that’s his fate, nothing can be done.
How many times have I told you that you need to have several slaves, who will serve us today, after the execution he is unlikely to be capable of anything, and even now there is little use to him, we have a useless body in front of us.

I will surely take into account your wishes and will get a few more slaves.
I myself thought about it, one slave is not enough for me.
That is correct.
Yul will have enough talk, choose the instrument of punishment, but for the time being I will tie the slave, otherwise he does not stand on his feet.
She walked over to Sergey, who was lying on the floor, rudely took him by the hair and dragged him to a chain that hung from the ceiling.
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