home webcam 50 old nude women When you get out of the car and lift your face, you catch cold drops of refreshing rain and try to breathe deeply in order to regain the composure that was lost after all the adventures.
Well at least all behind.
An interesting adventure came out, but do not dwell on it.
Everything is already over, but you want to continue.

And I want to continue.
Champagne on the table.
Curtains drawn.
We are already in the shower.
Hot and humid.
Clothes are quickly dropped and we are with you under the cleansing streams of water.
Face washes a blessed stream.
Everything happens in an instant – Aniri is pressed against me, and now I am already in her arms, and she presses me to my chest.
I breathe its pure, lively scent.
It smells like freshly washed linen shirt and expensive shower gel.
Oh my God.
Head is spinning.
I take a deep breath.
Fingers slide over her body.
– Kiss me! – I mentally plead, no longer able to move.

I’m in your arms.
Please kiss me.
Aniri closes her eyes, sighs deeply and shakes her head slightly, as if in response to my silent request.
Watching my reaction.
From the former self-control is not a trace.
With one hand, I grab her around the waist, and the second I spend on the inside of my thighs.
Forces to endure no more.
Aniri feels my stomach erection.
Five more seconds, and we are on the bed.
The first thing we notice after – is the smell.
It smells like leather and polish with a faint citrus scent.
The light is soft, muffled. livejasmin webcam recorded
The source is not visible, the diffused radiance comes from somewhere under the ceiling eaves.
The walls and the ceiling painted in maroon color visually reduce the rather spacious room of the specially equipped hotel room, the floor is made of old varnished wood.
Directly opposite the door to the wall, two wide strips of polished mahogany with straps for fixation were nailed in a crosswise manner.

A large iron lattice with an area of ​​at least five square meters is suspended from the ceiling, with ropes, chains and shiny handcuffs hanging from it.
Near the door of the wall are two long carved poles.
They hang a surprising set of all kinds of shovels, whips, stacks, and some strange tools from the feathers.
On the other hand there is a huge mahogany chest of drawers: the drawers are narrow, as in old museum cabinets.
I wonder what could be in them? But do I really want to know? In the far corner there is a bench covered with dark red leather, and next to it is a wooden stand nailed to the wall, similar to a billiard cue stand; if you look closely, there are canes of various lengths and thicknesses.
In the opposite corner there is a table made of polished wood with carved legs and two such stools.
Raising my head, I see that carbines are randomly attached to the ceiling.
One can only guess why they are needed.

Oddly enough, all this carved wood, dark walls, subdued light and dark maroon leather give the room a calm and romantic look.
She kisses me again.
– I am now your slave, do with me what you want.
What a surprise.
Having miraculously escaped a real execution on the island, she is ready to play it.
And if I get carried away? Does she really trust me so much? My breath is still uneven, I only come to my senses after an orgasm.
Aniri’s hand goes down my hips and then slides between my legs.
Her fingers do wonders.
I’m ready again and she’s all wet.
God, I want you.
My palm touches her clitoris, and her hands move harder and harder.
“Bend your knees,” I say, and she hastily obeys.
“Now I’ll fuck you again, Miss Aniri.”
With these words, the head of the penis is almost buried in the crotch.
– Fuck hard, – I whisper, you are my slave and I will do with you whatever I want.
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