multi webcam video recorder full version Then the couple began to caress and kiss.
Andy stared at them, from his uncomfortable position on the floor.
He saw Mrs. Anuta put her tongue deep into Mrs. Zina’s mouth, and their lips merged in a passionate kiss.
Looking at them, the slave felt that he was getting up, but then his body reminded him of a cigarette burn and he grimaced with pain.

And the Mistresses, who are tired of being loved, finally got off Tim, leaving numerous dots and bruises on his body from his heels.
Mrs. Zina ordered the slaves to take the seat pose.
“Well, did you like the show?” – Mrs. Annie asked Andy.
“I do not understand what you are talking about, Mrs. Anuta” – he pretended to be a sucker Andy.
Mrs. Pornhub bbw webcam. Annie pulled his hair and hissed – “Vroon! You looked at us.
I know it.
Now answer, did you like it? “” Yes, Madam “- Andy had to admit.
“Then you will have to pay for it” – with these words, Mrs. family webcam tube Annie kicked him with her knee between her legs.

The slave fell to the floor, curled in agony and covering his damaged organs.
Mrs. Zina opened the door of a small cage on the floor and kicked Andy there with kicks.
“Disgusting scum!” – Mrs. Annie frowned.
“Hey, you! Stand up against the wall!” shouted Mrs. Zina, pointing her stack at Tim.
Tim hesitated, and then Mrs kicked him in the balls, and then added a knee.
He almost passed out from the pain, but the shout of the Lady made him straighten.
“Get up, piece of shit!” – mistress his mistress Zina.
When Tim got to her knees, Mrs. Zina climbed around his neck.
Pulling his hair, she threw back his head and squeezed his ears with her legs.
Tim thought his skull would crack from such pressure.
He panicked, thinking that she would kill him now.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Annie came up and began to smack his open back.
After a few minutes, two slaves lay on the floor, broken and exhausted. young jailbait girls webcam video
And Mrs.

Zina and Mrs. Annie sat side by side on the throne, satisfied with the results.
“You have too much rest, slaves,” Mrs. Anyuta laughed.
Mistress lowered their boots on Tim’s belly and began to tear his heels.
Lady Zina’s boot lingers on his tender testicles.
Then she slowly began to press her heel into his soft flesh.
A sharp heel began to pierce the outer skin.
“Like dumplings in a meat grinder” – Mrs. Annie joked.
“I like the dumplings,” Mrs. Webcam gay porn videos. Zina purred.
Andy was paralyzed from the pain.
He knew that if he made a single sound, then Mrs. Zina could come stronger and turn him into a eunuch.
This thought occurred to her.
Mistresses often talked about harems in the Middle East and about eunuchs who served that lady.
“Some other time,” Mrs. Zina decided.
“You are lucky, slave,” said Mrs. Annie.
“But we can gouge out his eyes,” she added, thinking.
“Open your eyes! Now!” – ordered Mrs. Zina.

Tim opened his eyes and saw a sharp heel at a distance of several millimeters from the eyeball.
The hostesses giggled.
And then he felt the heel touches the eyeball and remains there, just resting.
He wanted to scream.
But he was trapped.
If he moves, the heel will surely pierce his eye.
Sweat ran down his face and he held his breath.
It seemed to him that several hours had passed, and he remained absolutely still.
“Stand up!” snapped Mrs. Zina.
– “Stand in the corner!” Tim limped to the corner and collapsed there.
He heard the mistress kicking a slave with his feet: he heard his groans and heard the blows of his boots on the flesh.
And now, finally, the cruel Mistress was satisfied with the punishment of slaves.
They forced them to carefully lick their boots.
And then Mrs. Annie asked – “Well, will you continue to serve us?” “Yes, Mrs. Xhamster live cam sex. Anuta.
Yes, Mrs. Zina.
If you wish.
“- answered the slaves in unison.

And the slaves eagerly licked the shoes of the housewives and begged for permission to serve them again.
But these prayers do not give guarantees for a place at the feet of Mrs. Anyuta and Mrs. Zina.
Chapter 14
Sabra’s plans, which remained unknown to Anna, began to be implemented the very next day after Trudy’s party.
The wardrobe with Anna’s clothes was severely censored, after which three-quarters of its contents were sent by Sabra to the garbage.
From that day, wearing only stiletto heels, a silver hoop around her neck, bolted to the castle, presented by Sabra, a blocker and a belt that left her buttocks almost naked, Anna spent her days helping the boutique customers to choose handcuffs, collars, whips and other attributes necessary for their lifestyle.
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