sexy teen webcam show Despite her own inborn shyness, Regina practically asked for a visit to Andrei’s one-room apartment in order to somehow advance the relationship.
That first visit ended with sex, which I wanted to forget as soon as possible.
There was another detail that Regina didn’t like about this man.
Even without confessing to herself, Regina Andreevna wanted to associate herself with a man who could – at least partially – take over her financial worries, as she perfectly remembered how all that corruption began.

And Andrei did not have a permanent job, working here and there, and could not provide Regina with life without this shameful work with the transgressions of the bounds of decency.
Today Regina Andreevna and Andrei slept for the sixth or seventh time during their acquaintance, and no progress in the quality of sex was observed.
Having caught herself thinking that despite the sexual intercourse that had just ended, she did not at all satisfy her carnal hunger, Regina Andreevna decided that she would no longer see Andrei.

Taking a shower, she packed up her things, took one last look at the already sleeping man and went home.
That was the theory.
In practice, she needed money so much that “cheap” categories were not even considered; Regina even seriously thought about re-applying for the double service option, as she did last month.
Entering the apartment, she saw the burning light in Valera’s room.
They continued to avoid each other, ignoring what had happened.
Moreover, the neighbor girl, Kati, Regina, during this time, no longer met. anal cam videos
Putting her bag on the chair and hanging the jacket on the hanger, Regina Andreevna went into the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine.
Despite the late hour, she wanted to work more.
She sat down at the table with a cup of coffee and the students’ homework.
”Began the presentation of the one martyr.
He is still a dog.
Thoughts did not want to concentrate on one thing, constantly blurring in all directions.
And then Valera entered the kitchen.

I went in and stopped in indecision, as if not knowing whether to run away to him or do what he had come for.
After a moment, he still went to the refrigerator, took out cheese, bread, something else, and began to make a sandwich.
“Hello,” said Regina Andreevna, watching her son.
“Hi,” he grunted in response.
Deciding that sooner or later this would have to be talked about, Regina gathered her courage and said: “Listen, we cannot continue to live like this.”
We need to talk about what happened.
Valera turned and stared at Regina Andreevna, never taking her eyes.
Not understanding the subtext of this super-attentive gaze, Regina lowered her gaze and said: – I am.
I take it all on myself.
All the blame, I mean.
– Why? – finally said Valera, in a clear and calm voice.
– Why? Because I behaved incorrectly, not in the way mother behaves.
Because I provoked that.
Valera poured a glass of water, took a chair and sat down beside him.
“Mom, I know why you did all this.”
I found a contract for your new job, and this directory too.

So I know that everything that happened in the bedroom.
– It was not part of the job! I had already completed my five transgressions, ”said Regina Andreevna, and immediately regretted it.
From these words flowed a rather strange hint.
– Is that so? – said Valera and smiled playfully.
He smiled at her, a woman named Regina, and not her mother.
Regina Andreevna clearly felt the difference.
“But it doesn’t matter,” she tried to save the situation with a stern face.
– The important thing is that this will never happen again and will never happen again.
I promise.
– Regina got up, walked over to the faucet and began to wash her coffee cup.
“I will try to find a job too,” she heard Valera’s voice behind her back.
He did not offer, but rather informed.
– Not! You have a job.
This is a school and computer courses.
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