webcam masturbation amateur I am a woman! I’m not a cow! – Two months ago.
Daughter – Milk gives a lot? – Oooh, not the word.
– Take with you? – And what are the options? – There are many options, you can give cookies to the vet clinic.
By the way, how are you? – Yummy.

– We can give the cow a drink.
By the way, probably wants to drink.

Lena got up, walked over to Irina.
In front of the machine in the face of a woman she attached a stand, put a bowl, poured water from a carafe.
Returned to the table.
Irina really wanted to drink.
She became greedily lap.
Elena returned to the folder.
Began to ask about Irina, then about their lives, switched to intimate topics.
At first, my husband was shy.
But a couple of times, Lena noticed that they were alone in the room and Igor suffered. huge webcam squirt
Irina listened in silence.
That’s how her husband told all the secrets to an unfamiliar girl.
The woman looked at her husband, knew that in his pants everything was ready to explode.
That Igor is on the verge.
And Lena was glowing.
And what if now their conversations reach more?

Irina did not want to think about it.
Hands, feet numb.
But who thinks about the cow? Shame, humiliation, pain, fear.
What for? How did this happen? Irina wanted to wake up and forget this terrible dream.
How will her husband treat her now? How to cow? Here such, chained, standing and meekly waiting for milking.
Why did she allow herself to do this, why, why? – Maybe brandy? – Elena suggested.
– I’m driving.
– Got it.
Sorry, I’ll be out for a couple of minutes.
The girl came out.
Igor went to his wife.
– Honey, how are you? – I want to go home, I feel bad.
Why are you so, Igor? – Be patient sweetheart.
– The husband kissed Irina on the forehead.
Lena returned to the office.
– soothe the cow before milking? – She asked – do not be afraid, I have a lot of experience.
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