webcam redhead teen This Caucasian male began to brutally thrust his weapon into me, gradually increasing the pace.
I bit my lip, but was unable to restrain my groans – my Caucasian lover had too big a tool.
The physical pleasure from the penetration of a large penis into my vagina was intensified by the psychological pleasure caused by the masochistic pleasure from the realization that I, a young, beautiful Russian girl, became another prey of this Dagestan male.
And now, I am standing in a humiliating posture called the knee-elbow, with a bare backside out of the car, and this insolent “son of the mountains”, reveling in his power over my body, thrust his cudgel into me, weighing out loud slaps on my white buttocks.

I felt that Kazbek also received a perversely sadistic pleasure when he fucked me.
This feeling was caused by the hostility towards the Russians, which was laid in the genes of this Caucasian.
He wanted to feel a sense of superiority over the Russian girl, a sense of power over her body.

Humiliate me, hurt me.
Who I am for him is another fool that he will fuck while I do not need him.
And using me vzlat – throw.
And it suited all.
It was the perfect combination.
Perfect symbiosis so to speak.
We both enjoyed these roles.
How much time has passed I do not remember.
I was semi-conscious.
For me, there was only a hard member of the male fucking me.
And I heard only my own moans and wet squish of my flesh.
At some point, I felt like an explosion inside me, the uterus and vaginal walls began to contract frantically.
I screamed.
Kazbek, without paying attention, began to enter my bosom with double strength, and soon, into the depths of my vagina, one of the taut jets of warm and viscous fluid rushed directly into the uterus. xxx hidden camera sex videos
It was the culmination of the whole action.
The purebred Caucasian male filled his seed with the bosom of a Russian female.
Kazbek took out his still hard member from my vagina, and from the open labia, on the expensive upholstery of the car seat, the male seed, mixed with my juice, poured.

The perfect combination.
The Caucasian returned to the driver’s seat and lit a cigarette, leaning back in satisfaction.
I slowly stood up, took out the napkins and began to wipe my crack, from which a viscous fluid was still oozing.
“And you maladets, Tanyusha,” said Kazbek with his accent, which now seemed to me particularly sexy.
– Thank.
– I was embarrassed.
– Wear panties, I’ll take you tvaei mom.
– laughed Caucasian.
To be continued.
We lived in a small town where all residents know each other.
When we arrived there, we had not too many acquaintances.
One acquired by accident.
Our landline phone broke.
He connected us with only one specific number, and from this number a person could only call us, and by dialing absolutely any combination of numbers.
This went on for several days, during which my mother met a man at the other end of the line.
It was a middle-aged man with a subtle Caucasian accent, let’s call him Valera.
In the end they decided to meet.

Met, met, began to be friends.
I was then 12 years old.
He helped his mother to get a job in the city administration, and there he helped her to hold on, and she participated in his election races.
I watched their mutually beneficial friendship for several years, meanwhile turning from a girl into a girl.
I began to notice in his eyes a poorly disguised interest in me.
His attention even flattered me.
And then came the day when it was already quite an adult conversation.
He offered to buy me a whole day of my free time.
Jokingly, I turned down the unreal price, but he quickly agreed, which made my jaw not want to close.
There was nowhere to retreat.
It remains only to discuss the nuances.
I put forward several conditions, hoping that he would find them unacceptable, and he his own.
His condition was the only one – the whole day I am with him and he does everything he wants with me.
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