anal sex hidden camera In general, I am an ordinary predictable person, but at that instant (drunk or something) I decided to stay under the table and see what happens next.
I did not think how I would get out later and what I would say and so.
Olya sat on the sofa.
Then I saw that she had spread her legs under the table, lifted her skirt and put her hand between her legs.

It directly startled me.
I realized that I want to touch those plump thighs and touch her pussy.
I imagined how this bitch Olya, who, as it turned out, hadn’t been fucked for a long time, will moan when I start licking her crotch.
And I myself have not fucked for a long time.
Apparently from this and from the drunk in my mind dimmed and stuck his head between her thighs.
Olya screamed in fear, pulled back and lifted the tablecloth.

Seeing me, she really was taken aback.
But I have already pushed back my panties and put my mouth to her pussy. anal sex hidden camera
From this Olga just shook.
I told her, sit quietly fool, you will only be pleased.
Then Olya pushed her ass under the table, spread her legs wider and pulled my head to her pussy.
Everything happened in a dream.
Until recently, I had a constant girl for quite a long time and I was able to lick very well.
Olya was very excited and finished in a few minutes.
She squeezed my head and kicked it all.
And at that moment Natasha came in, who had returned either from the kitchen or from the toilet.
Apparently she was surprised to see Olya in an unnatural posture (she did not see me under the tablecloth).
She asked what was wrong with you, but Olya was mumbling something.

Then Natasha threw back the tablecloth and saw me looking directly at her – the olives of the thighs wrapped my head, and her mouth was pressed against Olin pussy.
It was evident that Natasha was fucked up completely and the words stuck in her throat.
At that moment, Olya came to herself and said something like “fucking.”
Amazed, Natasha sank down exhausted on the edge of the couch and was only able to ask, what are you doing here? I did not know what to answer, Olya opened her legs, and I thought to crawl out from under the table.
But then Natasha lifted her T-shirt, rolled out her tits and ordered me to crawl to her.
She was a determined woman and her request sounded just like an order.
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