teen dance webcam After Karina thoroughly aroused the girl and made sure Veronika was all wet, she stuck two fingers into the girl’s vagina, tickled there, then entered the third and then the fourth – she managed it with difficulty, because despite the fact that Veronica was good moisturized, her vagina was narrow.
Now inside Veronica was almost half of Karina’s palm, which with the remaining finger still tormented Veronica’s clitoris.
“What do you think, will I be able to completely stick my hand into it?” Karina asked Vadim, who watched with interest the Veronika squirming on his leash. best wireless webcam for skype
– Be sure to try – said Vadim, who, enchanted by the beautiful picture, stroked his excited member.

– No, I beg you !! – shouted Veronica, realizing that all her requests and prayers only inflame the passion of her tormentors even more.
Karina inserted a finger that remained free and began to push the entire hand into Veronica’s vagina.
She, suffocating in pain, squirmed her whole pelvis.
Karina continued to push her hand and that, centimeter by centimeter, was hiding in Veronica’s vagina. teen dance webcam