live sexcams russia granny 1 I understand.
Well, why do so that everyone would know about it? They are not interested! – I over my shoulder pointed to the remaining McDonalds from behind.
– On the contrary, they are not interested at all.
Everyone understands this in their own way.

You understand that only I understand it alone.
And they do not.
I do not care how and what they think, but I just do not want them to think about it.
And I do not want anyone to suffer from this.
– Suffered? – Denis was surprised.
– Yes.
Imagine yourself hurt! Estimate, if someone would be, would fit, and what would be, would tell me? Blich.
I think that would not be without a fight.
I would just start a fight over there.
This is at best.
Deniska was silent for a while, but then when we came to the salon of the photo, he said: – Ok.
I got it.
Well, whatever you say.
And my brother is super! – And I do not argue.
– I said and pushed the door.
– Hello again.
– I turned to the cashier for the window.
– BUT!

Have you already come? And here we have just finished printing.
So take it.
Still cushy.
– she smiled looking at Deniska.
– You have a cute brother, and very photogenic! It turned out just lovely.
Like the picture! – I know that pretty.
And where did you get that he is a brother? – I muttered looking at the photos.
– Thanks you.
– Well, who? Not the son.
For his son, he is too old.
Good luck.
– smiling curious aunt said.
– Goodbye.
– Denis replied and taking me by the hand dragged to the exit.
I slammed the door behind Deniska and bypassing the car, getting into the salon, said: – Well, at least here they understood correctly.
– Yes, do not load you Yanik !! What are you taking so close to your heart? Well, think about it, I kissed you.
So what? So everyone will now think that we are blue? Yes? – he smiled. live sexcams russia granny 1
– Well, who are we for them ??? !!! – I said, cut in the music and leaning out of the window, glancing back, I drove into the stream of cars.

The jeep roared with all its relics and squealing with rubber, which attracted the attention of passersby, briskly jerked forward.
Deniska, rolling with a loud laugh at my answer, began to clap his hands.
Damn center! How I hate driving in the center! Constant traffic jams, stupid, angry drivers and traffic lights in a couple of three hundred meters! Finish pancake.
Straight at least in fact, take the subway! Now I understand why drivers are always so angry with each other.
– Where are we now? To me? – He asked when we drove some distance.
– Not.
Now we’ll go to my uncle for this, and then to you, ”I replied.
– And when will we go to Mitka? – After you probably.
Or do you need to give this crust to your aunt? – Why is she my aunt? This is mine.
Just you yourself said that you need my documents.
– Well yes.
I just thought you probably want to give it to your aunt.
– Well no.
Just to be.
– Well then, it is clear.

Do not pout.
Come here, – I slightly leaned towards Deniska, and made my lips a “pipe”. webcam for live streaming He understood everything instantly, gently smacked me.
“And I’m not blowing, bro,” he laughed.
– Well, thank God.
But let’s not do it with your aunt.
– We’ll see! – Denis burst out laughing, dodging my cuff.
– I’ll give those see! Fell off, eh? – I laughed.
– Yes, I’m kidding.
Just kidding Just checked your reaction, – he still laughed.
– Aha damn.
She then direct me from there to hell.
You’re not a joke anymore.
– And what? You can try.
– Denis rolled again.
– I’ll try those! Do not even think about it! Pancake.
Well beetle.
Hold on! In the evening, I will give you everything, I will remember everything! – I laughed.
– Oh oh oh.
– giggled Deniska.
– I am not lying! – I continued.
After some time, I parked the jeep in the courtyard of one of the prestigious houses in Moscow.
Taking out the keys and taking the purse under my arm, I got out of the car and said to Deniske; – Little hare, you sit in the car for five minutes, do not go anywhere, I instantly.

Okay? Just this uncle doesn’t like little boys.
– Do you love? – he mysteriously smiled.
– Um.
Now you’ll get it right in the ass, ”I laughed, looking around.
Got it? I meant that this is a very serious uncle.
And he does not like being torn off from work.
Sit down.
Be back soon.
– Yes, no problem Yanchik.
I can smoke? – smoke.
Just not in the tightness.
– I laughed.
– Let’s go!
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