webcam vip But this time it was a little different.
No, the apartment in which I woke up was familiar to me, I have been here more than once.
But for the first time I woke up exactly on this bed.
And for the first time I woke up hugging him.

His name was Anton, he was my best friend.
We met him on our first day at the institute.
We quickly agreed with him.
I did not even have time to notice how we became best friends.
And almost everything was done together: they sat at the same desk, went home from the university, celebrated holidays, and spent the weekend.
Anton was beautiful: he had light brown, always disheveled hair, blue eyes that drove many girls crazy, and a sly smile of a cat that hung on his face almost all the time.
Due to his appearance and perfect emancipation in communicating with girls, he had considerable success among the fair sex.
True, the relationship with Anton rarely went beyond the usual flirting.
He did not have a permanent girl for all of our acquaintance.
For him, rather, it was a game, a test of whether he could conquer whomever he wanted.
It was all not so easy for me as for Anton.
Of course, I had no looks, from which the girls would go crazy, but I would not call myself a freak either.

I was of medium height, with dark sleek hair and brown eyes. webcam vip
It was just that it was hard for me to start a conversation with a girl, I immediately began to get lost and carry nonsense.
This feature of mine led me to the fact that, at the age of 18, I was still a virgin.
Anton and I loved to buy beer, sit down at his place or at my place, and drink this alcoholic drink, sit and talk about life, girls and stuff.
Often a movie was included in the conversation.
They joked, teased each other.
Sometimes they could joke in a joke.
I really liked those moments.
Although it is wrong, but I liked to feel the closeness of another’s body, even if the body of another guy.
Moreover, the body of Anton was very personal.
He was tall and moderately pumped up.
Often, when I came to him, he could walk in front of me in shorts only, so I had plenty of opportunities to look at him well.
It was the day of our first scholarship.
We didn’t study very hard, but we managed to finish the last semester in half without a threes.
And so, we received the coveted reward.
Deciding to celebrate this matter properly, we bought brandy, cola, so that was something to drink it, and a couple of chocolates to bring some kind of culture to our booze.

Fortunately for us, Anton’s parents would leave for the weekend with their friends at a local recreation center.
So, the apartment was at our complete disposal.
We quickly drank the first pair of glasses, ate them with chocolate, drank cola.
After that, they completely broke down, and the conversation quickly began.
Under the influence of alcohol, the conversation quickly turned to the topic of girls, and then to sex.
When we started talking about porn, Anton said that he had one saved video that he liked a lot.
Duck, what are you waiting for?
Turn on come on, I said.
You look current, restrain yourself, – Anton said with a smile, rummaging around on his computer in search of the cherished movie, – Well, or, on the extreme, run to the bath, if not at all.
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