camera inside during sex We pretended not to notice anything and started jumping around them like two fauns, throwing up their thighs high.
Then Yashka grabbed two bottles and offered me to drink from the throat for the brotherhood.
Wildly giggling and almost choked, they drank.
Here again, out of nowhere, a piglet appeared and climbed up to kiss me.

I lifted her 52 kg in the air and fraternally chelmoknul lips.
She immediately went over to Yashka, but he suddenly threw her aside and shouted, spitting: “Seryog!” Why is she in my mouth with your crap? – And you do not suck on someone else’s brides! – By the way, I also thought that the drooling in her mouth was thick, but I was too drunk to talk about this topic.
And the girl was already jumping, grabbing Sergey and me by the shoulders, and screaming, almost like in the “Book of the Jungle”: – One sperm flows in us! In us one sperm flows! – and together with the discordant screaming two-legged herd, we again climbed into the river.

Almost drowning and a little sober, I got to the shore and went to sleep in a tent.
After a couple of minutes, shaking off water like a watchdog, Yashka came running.
Seryoga and his pigalitsy screamed farther and farther away and, after listening to Yashkino’s wish: “Shob them to drown!”, I fell asleep drunkenly and blissfully.
I don’t know if I slept for an hour, or two, or only ten minutes, but woke up because something wet and slippery swooped in on me and began to shake and pinch hair on my chest: – Well, are you going to us or not? – it was a piglet.
– What? Where? – I startled.
– To our tent! – it was completely naked and wet – probably, just from the river.
– – Lil, well let’s go! – monotonously konchil Seryoga over the canvas canopy.
– And I want him with us! – the captain squeaked capriciously.
– In the three of us flows one sperm! I want the three of us, as one family! And Yashka will not take! So as not spat! – Blow, blow from here! – I hissed, waking from sleep. spy cam xxx tube
– Vaughn, with Shackle tumble!

“Can I like you too?” – she felt my beginning to harden and began to playfully roll it from side to side, holding it between her thigh and my pubis.
– Here I will take and marry not Seryozhka, for you! – Fool! IM married! “I won’t leave anyway!” And Yashka will not give sleep! – Pigalitsa offended snooze and kicked into the darkness.
– Oh my God! – he rolled over.
– She is already here! – Lil, well let’s go! Let’s go or something, – Seryoga continued to mumble behind the tarpaulin – how are these grooms defenseless after all! – Yes, you drag her by the legs! – I highly experienced.
Lilka shrieked and, with her glasses wicked up, slid towards the exit as on a sled.
However, at the last moment she managed to grab hold of the gum of my underpants and tore them off me, almost grabbing eggs into the bargain.
A second later, in the fresh air, there were screams and quiet loud claps: obviously, the piglet whipped the groom with a trophy ripped from me.

I decided to sacrifice part of the uniform for the sake of calm, but it was not there.
Half a minute later, Seryoga tugged at my foot: “Lech, hey, let’s go to us all the same!” – You really, what did you fuck? – Yes, Lilka won’t let me into the tent without you! – Well, come on, you – to us! – Get out of here, both to the dick! – Yashka, completely enraged, bellowed into the pillow.
– Right, Jacob! – came from a nearby tent.
– Throw them both! Maybe in my life there will be no more chance to try threesome sex! – Well, Lily! – Twenty-six years already Lily! If you do not come together now, then there will be no wedding! Speak out there! – Come on, have a drink or something? – hopelessly asked Seryozhka.
We got out of the tent and lit up.
Serega inhaled several times, like a sailor, throwing himself under a tank, then bummed an unfinished bull in the dark and, glancing at my cardan shaft, relaxed, drowsy, waving at the middle of his thigh, asked: “Only you are not very good there!” I live with her: Lily was waiting for us, stretched out on an inflatable mattress; her lips snaked in satisfaction, the body seemed oily amber in the light of a flashlight suspended from the ceiling, and only two narrow white stripes ran from the sides to the groin, crossing into fur trimmed on the sides.

Seryoga plopped down on her and began to caress with an exaggerated and somewhat nervous passion, passionately kissing her lips and at the same time launching the five between her legs.
Since it was simply impossible to settle in the tent, I lay down next to them.
To be honest, I was terribly uncomfortable and, in addition to everything, my huische rose up so that it seemed to snap a finger – it would tingle, and every time Lila poked in the side, but there was nowhere to move away.
camera inside during sex