live webcam ladies There was a voice that lowered us to the ground.
It was the voice of her aunt, who stood twenty meters away from us.
She saw us, smiled and said: “You have to go home.
Too late.

Pretty girls.
My story is intended primarily for you.
You judge whether it was or not.
It is useful to read it and the male audience.
Everyone must understand that first of all you need to think about your partner, and not about meeting your own needs.
Know what a girl dreams about, try to understand her.
Know it.
A woman was created by God, only he can create such beauty, and a man is descended from a monkey.
Sorry for the story is long, but such is life.
he was an ordinary normal guy, brought up in a normal full-fledged family, respectively, and was, so to speak, “correct.”
Therefore, he knew that if he had something with a girl, it would be serious and for the rest of his life.
At school he liked a girl who studied a year younger.
He began to look after her, escorted her home, gave her flowers.
And everything seemed to be going not bad, but his family moved to another city and he along with them.

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Two years they corresponded.
Then he began to notice that letters from her began to come less often.
And then he found out that she got married by “flying.”
He didn’t worry too much, he just said to himself that “this is not his and still will be,” and was right.
After graduating from school, he went to college.
He came home for the weekend, where he met her.
She was a tall slim girl with beautiful blond hair.
Maybe for others she was not considered beautiful, but for him she was just a goddess.
And how did he not notice it before? Seeing her, he began to notice that his heartbeat was quickening, anxiety appeared in his movements, and his voice wheezed.
That same he began to notice in her.
She tried to come across his eyes more often.
All the while doing so that he paid attention to her.
He realized that he was interested in her too, but he just did not believe in it.
As time went on, he graduated from the institute and knew that immediately after defending his diploma the army was waiting for him.
According to his convictions, he simply did not want to have any serious relations with the army.

Besides, he understood that he could give her nothing except his love.
He went to the army with a calm soul, knowing that he did not promise anything to anyone and owe nothing.
And he said to himself that if, after his arrival from the army, she was not married, then he would definitely become his wife.
A year has passed.
After serving, he returned.
I was glad to receive the news that she was not married and she had no boyfriend yet.
Immediately after the army got a job.
Began to build a house.
One day he felt that his time had come.
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