new sex cam Lena brought her face almost to the spouse’s chest.
Sanych turned his wife’s hands behind his head and continued his “visual” and “grasping” inspection, turning her body from left to right.
– “Now let’s look at the tummy” – said the doctor and sat down in the chair, turning and lowering the lamp in the right direction.
The wife took off her dress over her head and stood in front of Sanych.

I saw her from the back.
The doctor pulled her panties down to the middle of the priests and continued the examination.
He turned his back.
Hand on her back, made her bend over.
He lowered himself and took off her panties.
Hand on the inner thighs – the spouse spread her legs.
Corrected lantern.
He spread his priests halves with his palms and studied something for a long time.
My wife was “cancer” and, blushing, looked at me.
I smiled.
She smiled back.
I was worried that she would have this shine in her eyes and the evening would not end like that.
I understood her.
Since, I began to appear all the symptoms of “anxiety” in my pants.

Sanych got up, put his wife in a chair (actually laid), again adjusted the flashlight.
Pulled up his pants on his knees, became on one knee.
He spread his legs to the sides and put them on the arms of the chair.
Lena put her chin on her friend’s bare thigh and, closely, watched the process.
Her breathing became deep.
The doctor again “visually” and “cautiously” conducted the examination for more than five minutes.
Lena could not stand it and put her hand on his wife’s chest.
She “did not notice” this.
– “Now I will examine your legs” – after a long silence Sanych said.
He sat down in the chair.
Sit bare back wife.
Well, very long studied her legs.
I stroked, crumpled, felt, examined.
Lena myala already his chest through the dress.
I did not dare to help her.
The situation did not allow. cutieincalvins porn video cam show
At this time, the inspection ended.
Sanych suggested his wife get dressed and delivered his verdict – “I didn’t find anything terrible at all.
Your fears are groundless.
On my feet, I found vascular “stars” – this is the beginning of varicose veins.

But everything else is fine. ”
Wife (and I) sighed with relief.
Her mood improved markedly.
We all left the office and continued the evening.
The remaining time the spouse spent in the dances.
Lena and Sanych were among her partners in the “slow” ones.
Lena in the dance embraced his spouse in the ass and something whispered in her ear.
She laughed and sometimes shook her head in response.
Sanych pressed against her and “imperceptibly” squeezed.
(But why did he need it after SUCH inspection?).
A few months later, his wife was once again in his diagnosis, was tested.
But his positive diagnosis was confirmed.
Eugene turned off the computer, put on a cardigan and left the office.
Today is Friday, and Eugene, having decided not to leave unfinished business for the weekend, finished the working day later than usual.
Coming out of the office, he headed for the deserted office to the elevator, but near the director’s office – Shamil, he heard the voice of the director.

Shamil was a Chechen.
Ten years ago, when he was twenty, he moved from Grozny to Moscow, where he opened a consultancy agency.
Shamil was a real Caucasian man, self-confident and demanding respect from the whole team.
He was tall, but thanks to his constant athletic training, he had the perfect physique.
Yevgeny decided to say goodbye to Shamil, but he opened the door of the director’s office.
Shamil stood back to Eugene.
He is wearing a white shirt, which half hides his bright buttocks, which contrast with his dark legs, and in front of Shamil, completely naked, sits on his knees and gives him Blowjob Nikolay, his assistant.
Shamil governs Nikolay’s head and his very large (twenty-five centimeters) member enters the youth’s mouth completely.
The palms of Nikolai lie on the hips of Shamil.
Next to a hairy Caucasian man, miniature Nikolai looks more like a young girl than usual.
Movement Shamil become faster.
He pressed Nikolay’s head so that the young man’s face disappeared in the Caucasian pubic black hair.

Having experienced an orgasm, Shamil took out his penis and Nikolay licked the last drops of sperm.
Eugenia was never interested in men, but now he was very excited and dreamed that his dick was between Nicholas’s sensual lips.
Shamil noticed Yevgeny in the doorway and winked at the young man.
Eugene went to the office of the director.
Nikolai was embarrassed.
“Make it nice to Eugene,” Shamil addressed Nikolai and lit a cigarette.
Nikolay nodded in agreement and Yevgeny approached the young man.
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