beautifullov s bio and free webcam I lay down on my stomach with an abdomen, on a silk bedspread, pulled off my underpants with both hands, and then I felt the blows of a rod.
Strangely enough, there was no strong pain, but I squirmed and promised to correct it.
After twenty blows I was told to get up, take off my pants completely and kneel down.
The cowards were taken away from me and when I knelt on the carpet, they pulled me over my head.

Then they began to whip like that.
Suddenly, the panty gum was raised so that the lips opened.
Now you suck a little and free – said the second.
Suddenly the phone rang.
The first picked up the phone: so, I understood, we eat: The second pushed aside his prick that already touched my lip: Dress like, damn, as always, in the most interesting place: I quickly dressed.
They put a hat on my eyes again and put something in my shirt pocket.
Then ride the elevator in the car.
Suddenly I was dropped off.

The car sped off.
In the pocket was a piece of paper in 500 rubles.
With the index finger smeared in cream, Sashka began to drive around the rose, trying to grope the entrance.
When the finger felt a small dimple, he gently moved the extreme phalanx, trying to get it inside.
After several movements, Rosette began to give in and let the tip of her finger inward.
Sasha moved his finger inside and pulled it out again.
He squeezed out more cream to the very edge of the finger, with two fingers of his free hand slightly expanded the rosette and tried to shove the cream and finger deeper.
All this time, Vovka was anxiously snorting, but he did not utter a word.
Sasha again introduced one phalanx, moved it, put pressure on it, overcame some other resistance, and finally put the finger inside almost completely. beautifullov s bio and free webcam
On the other side of the obstacle, the fingertip, although it was in close contact with the channel, could move much more freely than at the entrance itself, where the rosette squeezed it quite tightly.

How do you? – he asked Vovka, without removing a finger from his priests.
– Do not hurt? Am I doing everything right? Normally, Sanka, do not worry, go on.
I like! – hoarsely Vova over his shoulder.
Sasha squeezed some more cream on his finger and began to grease his cock profusely.
At first, he generously applied cream to the head, believing that there would be major difficulties right at the beginning.
Then he smeared the barrel in circular motions.
The rest of the cream tried to draw something on Vovkina’s buttock.
Vovka twitched and giggled.
“Tickled!” (Children are children.
) Sasha did not respond, but on the contrary he suddenly became completely serious and focused.
He knelt behind Vovka and touched the hard and slippery member of the hole that was oozing with the melting cream.
And how do I embed? Sharply or slowly? – at the last moment Sashka asked Sharply: – Vovka wheezed, who already had a hard time thinking about the emotions that had covered him and now wanted only one thing – to get into him as soon as possible.

Sasha did not argue, he busily attached himself, rested his head on a rose, holding the member by the trunk with his fist, slightly pressing down, felt the head with the most pliable place and unexpectedly for Vovka quickly moved the member inside.
A-sss aaaahh.
oh oh !!! – Vovka screamed incessantly from sharp pain, arched his back and could not restrain his hands and flopped onto his stomach, his face pressed into the pillow.
Sasha was dumbfounded by surprise.
He was seriously scared, not understanding what exactly he had done! But there was no doubt that Vovka was really very painful.
Vov? Does it hurt you? – scared whispered Sasha.
Vovka tore his face from the pillow and turned to Sasha, in his eyes even in the twilight there were clearly visible large tears.
Everything was clear without words.
Sasha was sweating on his forehead, he lay down next to a friend and began to lament in a whisper, dragging him by the shoulder.

Forgive me, Vovk, durila, I just did not know: It’s all my fault! Well, answer something, please! Yes, everything is fine, Sanya, but somehow it turned out to be very painful.
said Vovka, wiping his eyes with his hand.
– I did not calculate it a little.
my strength
I myself fooled.
The boys fell silent, pressed their sides to each other and lay like that, not saying a word for several minutes.
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