blonde webcam feet And indeed, after a couple of months, it became quite noticeable.
My wife really liked to dress me in frank outfits and once she uboltala dress me as the last slut.
It was already late and we went for a walk to the nearest park.
I still do not understand how such a coincidence could have happened, but in the park we met that bastard – Seregu.

To my surprise, Lena was even glad to see him.
If I were in male clothes, I certainly would have filled his face, but then I had to play along, playing the female role.
We three returned home.
Serega had three bottles of vodka with her and Lena immediately ran into the kitchen to prepare the table, leaving me alone with him.
He never recognized me without even realizing that I was not a girl.
My outfit made a deep impression on him, and for half an hour while my wife was busy in the kitchen, I was only fighting off him.
Then the booze began.
I like a man who does not drink immediately became very drunk.
I woke up only in bed.

My cock caressed Lena, but what shocked me was that Sergei was hugging me from behind, caressing and kissing my neck.
He said he likes guys like me.
As soon as I tried to escape, Lena stopped caressing me, and as soon as I calmed down she began to suck with tripled strength, giving me an unreal pleasure.
In the end, I gave up.
Smearing a member of the discharge from the pussy of my Lena Serega entered me.
The first time it hurt, but my wife sweetened the bitter pill as best she could.
She caressed my testicles and my cock while Seryoga fucked me.
Each time her caresses became shorter and shorter, until I learned to stop having sex with Sergey.
Soon he moved to us.
At first, everything was just fine.
I felt like the most beloved woman in the world.
He fucked me 2-3 times a day.
It turned out that as a woman, my sex life was much better at times.
My wife never tired of repeating that being a woman is my vocation. brother sister webcam tube
As a result, I got hooked on “this business”, having healed a woman’s life and never putting on a man’s life.

Sergey completely replaced me by becoming making money.
Now Lena and I were just waiting for him from work and pleasing our master.
Yes, yes, we lived together and the bed was divided into three.
No stupid jealousy.
But unfortunately this did not last long.
Earrings were not enough for everyone and I was increasingly hungry.
Other problems began to emerge – sidelong glances of neighbors, lack of understanding of society.
I felt like an outcast at this celebration of life.
Sergey was a very good father, who perfectly fit into his role, and Lena somehow got together with him, began to cook, and got prettier.
I understood that I had become superfluous and disturbed.
Since Lena and I became like sisters, I shared it with her.
We cried for a long time embracing.
And then they came to the conclusion that I should not live with him and disturb them.
But where should I go – we reasoned.
As always, Lena came up with a way out – I need to find a Muscovite with my apartment and all problems will be solved!

All day we cooked me.
Makeup, underwear, stockings, clothes.
Lena did not dress up so as not to distract attention from my beauty.
We went for a walk at the OCE.
I walked along the path, shaking my own broad-hips, and there was no man who would not turn around and look at me with lust.
Small sprout, chiseled figure, short skirt, high heels.
The girl of a dream.
Then Lena drew my attention to the acne student near the urn.
“Yes, not handsome, but easy prey,” said Lena, “and then you bring it up for yourself.”
We approached and met.
Lena almost immediately retired diplomatically and we continued our communication together.
I tried my best to make it easy for me, laughed at his funny jokes and talked with everyone about all sorts of nonsense that were interesting only to him.
I diligently kept up the conversation, was cheerful and charming, but deep down I was very sad – really, in order to survive in this world a woman needs to constantly sell herself?

My boyfriend Dima said that in my eyes there is sadness and it gives me secrets.
On the same day, I did not break down for fear that he would jump off, although I think very few people gave such a thing to him.
That evening, right in the park, in the bushes next to the pavilion of household appliances, he uncertainly and ineptly entered me.
It took me all my acting skills to simulate a multiple orgasm from his worm.
He was so drunk that I doubted that he would even get up.
Without undue constraint, I gave him a blowjob right on one of the quiet alleys near the fountains, but strangely enough, he quickly finished in my mouth.
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