kyrgyz webcams “Well, now it’s my turn,” I thought, and again moved closer to her.
I again began to drive a head over its genital lips, this time I made it much more confident.
I spent her dick from the clitoris to the ass and back.
Spending on her pussy, I pressed on the penis and my head was immersed in her vagina.

I did the same thing with her anal hole, but I could not get into her ass so easily.
Once again, I wanted to spit in order to smear her asshole, but after experiencing a fascinating impression a couple of minutes ago, my mouth was completely dry.
I already wanted to abandon this idea and continue to fuck her in the pussy, but then I remembered the cherished shelf with cosmetics, which was located right behind my back.
In the twilight I found a small jar of cream.
After shining the phone, I just managed to read “Face Cream”.
That was enough for me.
I opened the can, scooped up a good amount of cream and put it in place.

At first I smeared my whole dick from the head to the base, then smeared the rest on my mom’s hole.
I again put my dick on my mom’s ass and began to slowly press my head on my mom’s anus ring.
I watched as the head gradually disappeared, and then without much effort, I entered my mother’s point for the entire length.
Another wave of pleasure almost knocked me out of consciousness.
I felt like mamkin ass nicely fits and squeezes my cock inside me.
He felt his cock as hot inside her.
I started to rock my hips again, putting my wooden dick in my mommy’s ass.
I gradually began to increase the pace, slightly spitting mom on the ass with my eggs.
And at some point I realized that I could not hold back any longer and madly want to finish.
Having made a couple more movements, I stopped, and almost completely removing the member from my mother’s ass, I left only the head inside. kyrgyz webcams
I felt and saw how my dick began to pulsate while slightly increasing in diameter, thereby stretching Mamma’s point a little wider.

I felt like the first jet of my sperm hit my mother right in the ass.
I didn’t even move.
I did not need any movements.
I just felt like filling the rectum with mamma’s sperm, firing another portion of the seed over and over again.
Only this awareness knocked me down and covered my eyes with veil.
Having finally poured into my mother’s point, I began to take my slightly fallen cock out of her asshole.
As soon as I did this, my sperm gushed out of his mother’s ass after him, because Mamkin’s anus did not immediately pull out until the end.
I quickly grabbed my T-shirt next to me and started wiping my mother’s ass with it.
Having carefully destroyed all the evidence, I adjusted the strap of her panties on her ass and wrapped her up with a bathrobe and then a blanket.
I climbed back under the covers.
I was tormented by thoughts about what would happen in the morning, whether Mom would feel something, and how she would react to everything that happened if she found out.

Apparently after the pleasure I got, I relaxed a lot and did not notice how I passed out again.
When I woke up, I found out that Mom was already up and preparing breakfast.
Not knowing how to start a conversation, I asked my mother what time it was, since there were no windows in the car and it is not clear whether it is day or night.
Mom calmly replied that I could still get a little sleep, and she would wake me up for breakfast.
Then I realized that she remembers nothing and does not suspect.
With some kind of incredible relief, I fell asleep again.
Getting up, I had breakfast and said goodbye to my mother and went to a new job.
That case is the only and most likely last in my life.
But I will never forget those indescribable emotions that I experienced that night.
Sasha, with his wife Lena, easily seduced a young provincial.
More precisely, Lena seduced him in a very simple and effective way: Sasha, as it were, went away on business, and Lena at that time was taking a shower.

But I also called Alexey under the pretext that he would bring her a towel.
Lena was about 5 years younger than her husband, a little plump lady of medium height, with a big bust that could barely fit into a 4th size bra.
Having opened the bathroom door, Alexey was a bit stunned by what he saw: Helen was completely naked in the bathroom, spreading her legs wide and wielding herself in her pussy with three fingers.
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