live sex cam free chat After that story about the discovery of my second page, a little time passed, about a month.
Honestly, I thought that our relationship with Sveta would end there.
And no, oddly enough, but feelings flashed with a new force! It even seemed to me that now she really loves me! At the expense of Sani, that same neighbor – we met several times, but he did not say a word about that evening, he only smiled a couple of times.
In general, everything went like a dream – scary or not, but I believed it.

And now, at the end of May, my birthday is coming.
As always, our parents came to congratulate us with their beloved.
After sitting a bit and having drunk, they said – “somehow you are boring to note, youth! You call neither friends, nor colleagues. ”
They would never forgive me for this.

I immediately kicked Sveta under the table and with my eyes showed her to leave the room after me.
She obeyed, and we got up “to bring some salad and booze.” oiled webcam
In the kitchen I begged her not to do anything like that, I said that I would do everything, so that they would not know about it.
Favorite agreed, but told me to keep my word, and today.
Naturally, I agreed, not knowing what could happen.
After a couple of minutes, we joined the table, and the parents again started some easy conversation.
It lasted from half an hour, when suddenly the doorbell cut us off.
“Go open, birthday,” with these words Svetka pushed me to the exit.
I went to open the door and in front of me on the threshold formed 4 silhouettes.
They were our friends – the same Sanya, but far from alone.

His younger brother, Artem, and their companions, Yana and Yulia, formed his company.
They greeted me loudly in the corridor, the girls smacked my cheeks and gave me some kind of bundle.
I escorted guests to the hall, where parents and my beloved were eagerly awaiting.
“Well, finally, otherwise we are all bored here,” said Sveta.
I introduced my parents to the new arrivals and put everyone at the table.
The blessing of the food was the sea – apparently it was not for nothing that we danced with our beloved the whole morning in the kitchen.
Well, as expected, the toast, the second, the third. sexy pregnant webcam Suddenly, Sanya, not having time to get stronger as it were, moved away from my face, leaving me alone with a member of the Theme.
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