naked women cam I’m going to describe myself now! – in a panic, the girl mumbled under him, and, having said this, it seemed to her that his flesh inside her became even harder.
– Perfect replica for the movie! – he joked.
– Well, stop and-and! – the girl did not appreciate the joke.
– And you know! – He admitted, – It excites me wildly! I always wound up when a girl really wants to go to the toilet! – Horror! Yes, you are inadequate and a maniac! – in all seriousness said the girl.

– Well, if this is so for you, then I am very sorry.
But at the moment I like that I am inside you, and you strongly want to go to the toilet.
– Stop now! Hear ?! – Olga whimpered, but the guy did not obey and continued to slide inside her, caressing the girl.
Olga moaned, panicked and at the same time felt like she was approaching orgasm.
At the same time, she wanted to use the toilet, she shrank, so as not to write herself, and the waves of orgasm pierced her body.

She moaned, twitched, ending, and suddenly felt that she had started a jet.
Olya jumped up in horror from the bed, and, letting stand still a small trickle, rushed to the toilet.
Dima lay contentedly and stroked his flesh.
At that moment the door to the apartment opened, and he quickly pulled on his underpants and jeans.
Larisa entered the room.
– And Olya where? she asked.
“In the bathroom,” the guy said.
“Was she three hours short?” Didn’t you hang around for this time? – I sat down.
Now she ran out of need.
Where are you from? – From the same place.
From the street, of course.
I, too, sometimes need to walk because of need.
And you sat down there, so I had to run around, look for a place, ”the girl explained, but she herself took out clothes from the wardrobe and put them in a bag,“ don’t worry, I’m leaving, so you can safely spend the night here together with Olga. naked women cam
She barely managed to stop, although after what had happened to her in the car, she felt that all her muscles ached from overstretching, and that her bladder, though involuntarily, freed herself from the fluid that was overfilling him, but not completely.

And now she still wanted to write.
She went up the escalator, and it seemed that it was already possible to continue to describe herself, but she still tolerated and thought that, despite the unpleasantness that had happened to her, she would still have to look for a secluded place anyway.
The girl left the subway, trying to go as far as possible from people and not to attract views.
Now she was even glad that she doesn’t look as impressive as a model, and the only thing that can distinguish her now is that she described herself, as the pantyhose soaked from the inside of the legs clearly showed.
She went a little ahead, saw the stall, went behind him and thought that in general, that is one plus at the moment – since she is already all wet, you can pee without removing clothes.
With this thought, she squatted down, and began to dig into her purse.
Making sure that no one pays attention to her, Tanya relaxed and felt how warm it felt between her legs, and oddly enough, it was even a little pleasant.

She wrote through the pantyhose, the liquid was absorbed into the ground, and no one seemed to know what she was doing there.
In the end, she relaxed so much that she began to feel pleasure from this process, and then she jumped sharply when she heard a voice above herself.
In front of her was a guy who was sitting in the car opposite her.
– Girl, forgive me.
We traveled with you to the subway, I saw that a misfortune happened to you: I just wanted to help you, ”he said timidly.
“Oh, you scared me a little,” said Tanya, “I’m afraid I don’t need help anymore.”
Sorry, I am very ashamed and embarrassed that this happened.
But I would not like to think that you followed me to make fun.
– What do you! I had no such thoughts.
I swear.
And is it possible to mock the girl with whom the misfortune happened? That’s why I wanted to help you.
I saw that the girl was driving alone late in the evening, and then something like this happened: I simply had to offer to take you home.
– Thank you, if that’s the case.

Only you yourself will be embarrassed to walk beside me.
And generally, address me on you.
– Of course so! That’s just the point, if you are.
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