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He led her to the mirror.
She knelt before her – as before a goddess.
With strange wandering eyes, he straightened the folds in his stockings, for some reason he wiped his clean model shoes with his sleeve.

Then he pulled down her short dress.
Inwardly limiting herself, he did not dare to look under him, even though there was a great temptation to see how beautiful her underwear was.
Then he got up and straightened her hair, giving her hair a shape of something airy.
They are so gentle and caring for people, wanting them to look their best if they are faced with something very important and important.
She stood in front of him, pursing her lips, sometimes turning her head and watching her husband’s hands.
Now you can go.
In response, she just kissed him on the cheek.
In this, he also found her subconscious understanding of the impact on him – now they probably will not do everything that they have always done.
He should envy, as they have always envied him.

Heels pounded on the stairs, the outer door slammed.
Volodya sat almost without breathing, absorbing the air – listening to the house.
The door slammed a second time, but in his head it just exploded.
Aaaa – he exhaled, slumping down on the bed.
He was calm now, or rather slowed down, but against his will, his heart was pounding like mad.
He groaned.
Unable to just wait hopelessly, Vladimir went downstairs.
In the large hall, in the first room from the main outer door, he saw three men playing cards.
Only three! There were Sergey, Igor and Nikolay.
Pale as a dead man, Volodya turned pale even more, his lips finally dried, covered with unpleasant burrs. huge tits amateur cam
Oh, Volodya! – loudly turned Sergey.
– Come to us – we will spread pictures.
All the others did not pay attention to him, only Sergey looked at his friend with curiosity.
something twists the belly.
I’ll go out.
The men looked at each other.
Come on, – Nikolay gave a firm voice.
– Then come, let’s drink vodka.

– Volodya muttered uncertainly and went outside.
The evening was warm, the forest behind the fence was filled with sounds, a grasshopper crackled somewhere in the grass.
Plot overgrown with bushes, trees.
Going down to the right and rounding the house, you could go to the parking lot, next to the barn, and the toilet in the lower left corner.
Volodya reached the corner of the house and, stopping, sat down – his legs refused.
After all, after Lena came out Victor! In the dark, Vladimir eagerly caught the movement, the sounds – in incredible assumptions I wanted to make sure myself.
There were some inarticulate fragments of words, and then.
then he heard the squish sounds.
– as if publishing them was choking in his own saliva, and after a few moments (oh, horror!) – a specific human moo.
Creeping closer on his heels, he saw the contours of Elena leaning against the barn – the top of her dress was unbuttoned and hung loosely on either side, the breasts protruding from the cups of her bra.

And they didn’t even kiss them, and eagerly sucked the leaning on Lenochka (his favorite Lenochka!) A short man.
Her new lover! Volodya was already very close.
He looked at her neat hands, on thin fingers, because with them she lifted the hem of her dress to her stomach, exposing the lower abdomen and the triangle below – her panties were lowered to her knees.
He heard his wife groans.
Looking up from his nipples, Vitya lifted his head, stuck out his tongue and slipped from his chin to his eyes over Lenin’s face.
Animal passion! Volodya could not stand it any more and looked down.
He remembered that when they were just entering the house, Victor took her sleeve and whispered something quickly.
Then he did not attach any importance to this.
Moreover, Victor picked up a good one.
Now Vladimir in a frenzy at the same time with pain and pleasure shrank – a miserable looking husband must quickly get out of the way.
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