spy webcam pc It was Passion.
Passion with a capital letter.
At both sides.
What are there condoms, contraceptives, precautions.

We both did not remember about it, although, in theory, it would be necessary.
Not! In this world, only I existed for her, and she existed for me.
I pounced on her like a wild beast, and she just wanted to.
Placing it on my back and spreading my legs, I entered with one jerk into her expiring womb, thirsting for me.
She leaned towards me, another passionate moan broke from her lips.
With sharp, strong movements, I thrust a member into it, and she, cross-legged on my thighs and clasping my hands on my back, moaning at my every jolt and whispering: “yes.
Do not stop.
take me.
I came out of her, wanting to take her from behind, but she, having understood my intentions, turned over on her stomach and invitingly put her ass down, parting her legs a little.

I entered it again.
And he continued to fuck, there is no other word here – with powerful, strong and quick movements forcing her to shudder and move towards me.
Looks like she vanished into passion without a trace.
She moaned in a loud voice and uttered words that I hardly ever expected to hear from her: “yes.
come on
fuck stronger
fuck me
i’m your fucking
There was no strength to hold back.
The rest of the mind was enough to pull the penis out of her body with the last movement.
The jet that struck me flew right up to her shoulder blades.
Behind her the second, third.
And here Inna lies on her stomach, filled with sperm and her body radiates relaxation and satisfaction.
Already having regained consciousness and lying on the bed in an embrace, we smoked and whispered softly. dildo mounted camera
Her frustrated feelings evaporated as if by magic.
But what I particularly liked about her was that she did not feel any guilt or remorse for what she had done.

The most interesting thing is that I didn’t feel anything like that.
Having dressed, I did take her home.
Where we said goodbye, kissing on the lips again.
The next day everything was settled.
The report with the project was delivered on time.
And I, as promised, talked to the boss, convinced her of Inna’s innocence, and the incident was settled.
Unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, our inna and intimate relationships did not continue.
At the service, we behaved exactly as before, so, as it seems to me, no one had guessed anything.
But I didn’t stay overnight in the hotel – there was no need.
Soon I changed jobs, closer to home, and she, as far as I heard from mutual friends, married my boyfriend, bore him a child and continues to work all in the same company.
It seems like she even became the head of the department.
We have not seen her for ten years, but so far I have no, no, yes, I remember that magical evening that gave us so many pleasant moments.

In the same summer, just a couple of weeks after the events described, there was another adventure in my life, but more on that next time.
Nobody in our country paid much attention to the fact that in May, just before the holiday season, a new personnel officer appeared – or rather, a well-groomed, silent man of 40, who enjoyed a great position of the boss.
But it took less than a month and suddenly everyone started talking about some new upcoming staff appraisal.
And this is where we have less than thirty people, almost all women.
In early June, our boss Alexey Semenovich and deputy.
Igor Petrovich asked the staff members to get together in the conference room to explain the procedure for future certification.
By the appointed time, the hall was almost full, only technical servants were absent, and yet there was no one of the men.
However, their absence did not catch the eye, since they hadn’t climbed out of business trips for months and, if not for the chief and Igor Petrovich, then the name “convent” would have stuck to our company.

The chief with the deputy entered the conference room with a vigorous step and, having said the relying protocol words, the chef immediately handed over the reins to Igor Petrovich.
He suddenly slyly smiled and began: – Dear ladies! We carefully analyzed your work and realized that the company would be able to do by half the smaller number of staff, significantly increasing the salaries of the remaining employees.
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