squirt cam I dutifully bend down and press against the wall when Irina, wearing a strapon, quickly comes up to me, and in a second my body is already shaking her hard, evil pushes.
Charter, she takes on the whip.
I am left alone only when I cannot get to my feet even after a few kicks on the ribs.
I can feel the blood flowing from my broken skin down my back, buttocks and thighs.

I lie still until nightfall — I cannot move and do anything because of terrible pain.
Gradually, I still fall asleep, hearing the steady breathing of already sleeping Irina.
For the first time in all this time, she sleeps alone.
In the morning, as always, I wake up earlier.
The pain in the exiled body has already subsided, leaving behind only a pulsating burning sensation.
Finally she wakes up.
The morning begins without change – she pees in my mouth, I habitually lick her.

After that, she begins to dress, and after an hour leaves the house – today she has classes in a fitness club. anna sabotage video private bongacams
I stupidly sit in my corner, leaning my back against the cool wall, deeply immersed in my gloomy thoughts – and therefore I shudder when I hear familiar steps outside the bedroom door.
Natalia appears on the threshold.
It does not look the best – tear-stained eyes, hair disheveled.
But the lips are tightly compressed, and in the eyes burns incomprehensible determination.
In her hands is a glass of water.
Coming to me, she gives me a white pill and draws a glass.
“Drink,” she orders, and I swallow the pill.
She says nothing more.
Having departed on a bed, she sits down on it, not undressing, and begins to look at me, expecting something.
After some time, I feel strange weakness and drowsiness.

I slowly lie down on the floor – and when I suddenly come to my senses, there is no one in the room.
It is already the height of the day outside the window, but I know that Irina will not return until the very evening.
Rubbing my temples with my hands, I try to understand what happened – and here I see on the floor next to me a small bunch of four keys.
For about a minute, I look at it without a single thought in my head.
Then, having come to my senses, I grab and greedily begin to try one key after another on the lock of my collar.
The second key fits, and for the first time in all this time I can finally take off my collar and throw it away.
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