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The mother was in seventh heaven when her son smacking his lips sucked her pussy, plunging the quivering tongue like a small segment in her cave.
They were not mother and son, but a female and a male, engaged in an ancient love ritual.
Suddenly her cunt began to throb, squeezing her tongue.

Anad tried to immerse the tongue deeper into this cave oozing with juice, teasing this bud, leading the mother to complete delight.
“Ahhhhhhhhh! Suck her, Anna! Grab her mother’s pussy with your lips, suck her !!! I’m so happy, baby! Oh dear !!!” Her pussy opened up in an orgasm, juices flowed like a stream on the face of her son, dropped on the buttocks.
Feeling that his mother was violently ending, Anad continued to lick her clit, squeezing him with his lips, sucking on him.

Mother felt like a wave of orgasm covers her.
Bending her back, she pressed herself closer to her son’s face and a powerful wave of orgasm shook her body.
Her juices literally poured into the mouth of Anad, splashing his face and spreading over her skin, while her mother shuddered in her orgasm.
The son looked at her, continuing to play with her pussy, seeing how excitedly her nipples protrude on her breasts.
Mother looked at him, a smile of satisfaction shining on her face.
She spread her arms, inviting her son in her arms.
Anad was lying on his mother, his hard cock pressed against her hairy pubis.
Her pussy fluttered when she felt it.
Although she had just experienced a strong orgasm, she trembled feeling her hard young cock pressed against her pussy.
With a sweet sigh, she pulled him to her, her face soiled with her juices, and began to kiss her son, licking her juices from his moist lips.

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Anad clutched at her round breasts.
His tongue parted her lips and penetrated her mouth.
Mother broke the kiss.
“Do you want to fuck me, Anad?” her hot breath burned his face.
“Would you like to fuck your mommy?” “Oh yes, mommy.
I want to fuck you right now.
I always wanted to fuck you, ma! “Anad whispered, breathing heavily.
Mother put her hand between their bodies and gently squeezed his swollen cock with her fingers, gently tapping his fist.
Moaning she gently rubbed his dick on his clit.
Anad helped her by moving her pelvis, trying to squeeze her cock tightly against her mother’s pussy.
Anad began to unbutton her nightie, exposing her breasts, swaying beneath her.
Then he lowered his head and began to suck her right breast.
Anad put as much of this beautiful fruit as possible into his mouth.
Mother moaning softly, began to stroke her son’s head while he sucked her.
She remembered how her son always loved sucking her breasts when he was young.

She allowed him to suck on his chest until he was five years old and then forbade him to do so.
But now her dear son has returned to her breasts, from which he had long been excommunicated.
She enjoyed feeling her son’s lips around her nipples and this increased her excitement.
“Anad, fuck me, please! I can’t wait any longer!” she whispered in her son’s ear.
Anad knelt, sent the head of his penis to the entrance of this wet cave and gently pressed.
Mother sighed heavily as she felt her son’s cock slide into her bosom.
Then Anad began to work his hips, plunging his penis as deep as possible into the womb of his mother.
She lifted her head and watched her son’s hard member rush into the depths of her body.
Her eyes glittered, looking like a fat, pulsing member of her son sank into her tired womb.
Clasping her son for weaving, she pulled him to her and he put all her weight on her.

Mother podmahivala him with her hips, trying as deeply as possible to capture his cock.
When their members merged, she slowly rotated her hips, increasing the mutual friction of their intimate zones.
The son fucked her like a stallion, his palms gently stroked and squeezed her breasts and buttocks.
In an effort to give his mother maximum pleasure, the son fucked her like a demon, squeezing her round hips every time his throbbing dick completely plunged into her pussy.
Sperm raged in his balls, and mom’s pussy squeezed so tightly cock! Anad changed his position somewhat and introduced the member even deeper.
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