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You look at it approvingly.

Then I wearily stretch out next to you and gently cuddle.
How nice that this night is just beginning.
My stories are a cycle of non-fiction stories that happened to me in my real life.
In fact, these stories are my life diary in which I did not lie a bit.
Here is my first story that happened to me recently.
Masseur for girls.
I am 30 years old.
I am married, I live with my wife and child in sex, my wife and I are fine, but sometimes I want something else to have sex with my wife, however, I think, like any man.
I work at my main time, which I like very much, in it I can reveal myself, be creative, be free, but as is the case with my favorite work – it is underpaid.

It is for this reason that I have to work as a massage therapist in the salon.
At one time, the number of clients in my salon became smaller and I had to invent various tricks to lure clients to my salon.
My calculation is aimed at married clients, who, depending on the situation, I added, in addition to a simple body massage, light erotic touches to separate parts of the girls body.
But just so, whatever embarrass them.
If the girl made it clear (curved, pleasantly moaned, or just closed her eyes) that she wanted more than touch, I began to act bolder, actively stroking more and more intimate places.
One fine evening a regular client came to me.
Medium build, nice tummy, short hair.
And as usual she undressed in front of me, despite a separate place for undressing behind a screen.
Turning away from me, she remained in lingerie, which was more like a swimsuit, and not underwear.
Wrapped with a sheet, went to the lounger. cam cam sex
I used the usual movement of my hand to show her a chair, she sat down, resting her head on a sunbed on her hands.

I, having previously applied a soft cream on my palms, began to massage her neck and collar: shoulders, neck.
I have always done this responsibly without paying attention to the fact that clients sometimes have to endure pain.
But this time, after a couple of movements, I began to make a softer massage, trying to sort of smear the cream over the body with light touches.
Alla, you are especially relaxed today, probably, everything worked out at work (before she told me about her problems at work); Yes, Andrei.
Everything is fine, so I’m early today, I thought you were busy with other clients so far; No, Alla, today I only have you. Nice webcam promenade des anglais. After these words, she turned her head, somehow in a special way, looked at me, closed her eyes and pretended that she had just adjusted her uncomfortable posture.
In this view there was some kind of flash, or joy, or feelings of interest towards me.
After finishing with a shoulder massage, I asked her to take a seat on the bed.

She laid a sheet, laid her ass to the top, that is, back to me, habitually unhooked the straps of the upper part of her underwear – a bra, and lowered a little melting, so that the dimple on the ass was visible.
I applied a little more cream on the palm, this time more warming and pleasant body, but at the same time a bit like tingling skin.
My clients especially liked this cream, and sometimes they even asked that I use such a cream.
I began to do a light smooth movements massage, stroking the back, shoulders, arms, touching a bit to this very dimple on the ass.
I consider this dimple the most beautiful dimple on the body of a girl, always, when another girl lowers her legs, I cannot take my eyes off her.
Stroking, Alla, I, as it were, accidentally grabbed my little finger on this dimple and held it for several moments.
My client could not ignore this, but was silently understanding.
Today I decided to experiment and not to make unpleasant, painful sensations to the client.

I was just smoothing her back with a skin-stimulating cream.
And as I understood in a few minutes, she liked it.
I continued.
Gradually he got to his feet and spent a couple of times on the bare part of his ass.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, I suggested that my client roll over.
Usually I do not massage the front part of the body.
Alla, without asking any questions, without opening her eyes and holding her bra, turned over onto her back, continuing to press the upper part of the linen to her chest.
I lowered her hands along the body and started with them.
Having renewed the cream on my hands, I smoothed my hands, making it all more tender and tender.
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