mature anal web They are excellent workers, and professionals are needed everywhere now.
And he did it very cleverly.
They emailed their resume to this company, got interested in them and invited them for an interview.
But, I will tell you, as a person who has worked all his life in power structures in this company, the security service is really very much set.

The guys went through a multistage professional selection, they were checked twice on a lie detector, they were interested in the biography in detail, but they passed all the tests with dignity and were accepted to work while the probationers were on probation.
They were asked for a long time why they sent their resumes to them, but they replied that they would make inquiries to many companies, which, incidentally, was the case.

It turned out that they were hired without any recommendation.
-It is very interesting.
– Yes, Katyusha, my people are real pros, some results have already appeared, however, they have not been allowed to do anything. mature anal web
According to unverified data, that is, according to rumors, they no longer ask anyone any questions, but listen more.
They found out that the woman seemed to be the real owner of the company, but who they are and what they still do not know.
But I think that soon we will find out.
-Thank you, Boris Mikhailovich.
– Katia, you can ask you not to call me to you, but to call you as before, to you, – Mikhalych, I like this appeal more.
She laughed.
-Okay, Mihalych took yours.
They went to dessert.
– I am going to fly to America for about a month, and at the same time visit Mexico and Cuba, I have long dreamed of going there.
-Katia, you are doing the right thing, if you have the opportunity, have a rest, the more you, this is now just necessary.

During my service, I was on a business trip in Cuba, I really liked it there.
Now there you can relax, there are excellent conditions for tourists, Cubans are very hospitable people.
-Thank you, great, for everything that you do for me.
– Catherine is not for you, but for you.
-Thank you, Mikhalych.
-This is another matter.
They sat for about an hour, talked about various trifles, and went away, each on his own business.
Two weeks later, Katya left for America.
She decided to start her trip in New York, then she planned to visit several other major cities.
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