webcam hd sexy This story happened to me last year.
I am 23 years old, I graduated from medical school, and I got a job in a sanatorium as a nurse (medical assistant).
Mostly children came to our southern resort town.
My duties included filling in the sanatorium books, which is not the most pleasant thing, and also walk through each room and check the condition of the children.

After 7 days of work at a new place for me, I was already accustomed to my duties and, as usual, conducted a tour of the chambers assigned to me.
I spent it at a quiet time when everyone was in place.
Most of the children complained of fever, sore throat, nausea, they needed to be included in the list of potentially sick people who were supposed to be examined by a doctor.
So, I was left with the last room, which was located at the end of the corridor, it was a double room.
This room was very popular because it was the farthest away.
The door was ajar, and I could see what was going on inside.

For some reason I stopped for a moment and wanted to spy.
What I saw was incredible.
There were two boys in the room, they looked like they were 13 years old, both were of thin build, pleasantly tanned in chocolate, one blond, the other dark.
The first one was standing near the bed, leaning on the bedside table, the second one was standing at the back and making forward movements.
Roughly speaking, one pretended to fuck the other.
The interesting thing was that they were both in their underpants. asian cam boobs
I did not see their pysyuny, but it was possible to guess that they are precisely in a combat position and stick out from their underpants.
This picture plunged me into shock, and also not sickly excited! Frankly, as a child I also rested in sanatoriums, and also went through it.
We tried to repeat after adults, portrayed erotic scenes from films, but we never did this to each other.
In fact, I myself began to jerk off only at the age of 15-16, it was already after the sanatorium.

I stood near the door and did not know what to do.
I did not want to distract them from such an important occupation, but I decided to take advantage of this and came up with a grand plan.
– Soooo! And what are we doing here ?! – exclaiming, I abruptly entered the room.
From what the boys, stunned, scattered on the beds and in a hurry tried to cover their risers with a blanket.
– And what is the name of our porn stars? – I began with a joke, so as not to frighten them.
– Ummm.
– stammering, said fair-haired.
“And I am Anton,” the second answered a little more confidently.
“I see all is well with your health, even too active,” I continued to joke, “can you tell the doctor about it, and will he give you a sedative?” – Please do not! Do not tell anyone! We will not do this again! – they squealed in chorus.
“So, guys,” I began seriously, “I, too, was your age, and also did not exactly such things, but similar ones.”
And I’m not going to give you away, on the contrary, I want to help you.
– True?

With what? – Anton asked in a calm voice.
– First, you could be caught by any other person.
You’re lucky it was me.
Secondly, the way you did it, you know, it’s certainly beautiful, but not effective.
I can teach you how to really enjoy it.
Unless, of course, do you want? – Of course, we want! – Maxim responded.
“Then wait for me to call you.”
Now it will be too risky, they can see us, – I said and left the room.
I was in a state of euphoria.
I do not know why, but what I started to like is happening.
Previously, I had no such “lessons” with young people in my thoughts, but my plan was being carried out so far.
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