free adult webcam shows When the slave lay on his stomach on the table, the girl took out four ropes from the closet and tied the boy’s legs and arms to the table legs.
“And you have a wonderful ass” hands of the girl walked through the guy’s buttocks.
“Today I will test it, be sure my slut.”
The hand slipped between the legs and squeezed the embarked member, “Wow, yes you like it, let’s see, maybe it will not be the last weekend that you will spend at my feet.”

Taking a step back, the girl without warning with a force whipped the guy with the lash on the back “This is for not kissing the leg,” the second blow “This is for not immediately kneeling.”
Further strikes rained down without any explanation.
Ten minutes later, throwing the whip to the side, the girl approached her toy.
“Well, and how are you?”, With a smile, the girl slapped the guy on the buttocks, with her other hand, feeling for his dick standing with a stake.
“I feel that you liked it” leaning to the ear of the young man, whispered “This is not all yet” Unbound the guy’s hands, the lady went to the closet at the other end of the room.

“I was released and on my knees near the bed”, without distracting from the search for something in the closet, the girl ordered.
When she turned, the young man saw that a member was hanging between the legs of her beloved.
Seeing the bewilderment in the eyes of the guy, the girl approached him “This is called a strapon and you will now get to know him very closely.”
Sitting on the bed and spreading her legs wide, Mrs. beckoned the slave with a finger “Come here.” face swap webcam
Fearing to disobey the guy approached her and his attention stopped on the penis, which was the girl’s honey legs.
“I told you many times that I want you to feel the same thing as me, so this is a copy of your own member.”
“Now show your zeal and suck on me,” grabbing the guy by the hair, she jabbed the strap-on right on the lips.
“I quickly put it in my mouth, otherwise I’ll blow it up again, and it will be much more painful.”
Opening his mouth, the guy timidly took the head in his mouth and ran his hand along the trunk.
“Go on, see how well you suck.”
The young man began to move his lips over the penis and hand caressing the testicles.

In his eyes, the lady saw a flaming fire of lust, “So you really like it,” she smiled.
Do not hesitate, the guy caressed the member of his mistress with his hand and swallowed him as deeply as possible.
“Enough” the guy was taken aback by the sudden shout of his beloved.
“Get on the bed, I will give you the pleasure of the full program.”
When the guy climbed onto the bed, the girl spread her hands over his buttocks and, squeezing out a little grease from a tube that was lying next to the table, began to lubricate the young man’s anus.
When the first finger penetrated the ass, a slight moan came out of the boy’s mouth, when the girl inserted her second finger and began to massage the hole, stretching it, the guy was already moaning into her voice.
“Let’s start now” the girl put the head of the strap-on to the bottom of the guy.
“It will hurt you, but remember, you didn’t stop when you took me for the first time, although I almost screamed in pain.”
Spreading the guy’s buttocks as wide as possible, the girl with a force introduced a member into his ass.

The guy tried to resist the pain, but got a slap on the bottom “Fuck the bitch.”
Grabbing the young man by the waist, the girl began to move, taking out the whole strapon, then, driving her boyfriend all the way down to the bottom.
After a couple of minutes of such cruel fucking, the guy with a groan began to cum, pouring semen on the bed under him.
“Oh, you bitch,” with these words, the girl undid the strapon and lay down on the bed next to the young man.
“Quickly licked, and if I don’t cum, you’ll regret it.”
The young man put his lips to appealingly opened sexual lips of the girl.
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