free jasmin live cam I have never seen their color.
They are blue.
Only one thought flashed through my mind.
– God, I will drown in them.

Do not watch.
– Let’s go to my place.
Come on.
– She called, appealingly opening her mouth, and her tongue, like a carpet, showed the way.
And seeing my indecision, she put her head on her tongue, soothing and simultaneously inviting to herself.
And I went to her.
Lips, having compressed at a meeting, as if having been frightened that they let a stranger in the holy of holies, succumbed and, feeling me around, they started inside.
What I felt was beyond words.
As if I was back home.
I was at home.
Warmly, affectionately and everything is so dear, so wanted to linger here.
But this nasty tongue did not give me rest, teasing and pushing me to action.
And I acted.
Like a lonely guest, I rushed inside, examining the distant bins.
Dissatisfied with one place, I switched to another.

I shoved roughly, demanding more attention.
He wanted to subordinate, to tame this language with his unbridled power.
And he, as a footman, pleasing and patiently enduring my abuse, gently directed without hiding anything and invited me to stay for longer, irritating me with his humility.
And at the same time, I wanted to scream.
Shout at the top of your voice.
– Mother, do not stop.
And I poured out.
A member as a hose, burst from the hands, spattered in all directions, throwing everything to the remainder.
I have dried up.
Squinting from pleasure, now devastated, I opened my eyes, dreading to see the consequences.
My God, she will hate me what I did with her face, but no, looking kindly, smiled.
She cautiously, as the child presented to her father showing the result of his work, stuck out her tongue with the traces of my crime, as if calling for her to acknowledge her fatherhood and having seen the agreement in my eyes, absorbed him and swallowed everything.

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“Everything is mine,” she said, and licking her lips, tiredly added hopefully looking into my eyes.
– And you are mine.
Although I didn’t realize it yet, I didn’t feel it, but I was sure that I would not give anyone those blue eyes.
And looking at them, I said only one thing.
– I can not swim.
I work as a chief accountant for a large financial company.
Young, ambitious.
Blonde 35 years.
As it did not happen in life.
Study, career.
The bosses appreciate.
But I think men are afraid of me.
Something in me is so powerful that men do not stand up to.
Our trust takes the leading place in the region.
And this is due to our reasonable financial policy.
In general, in the team they called me “Our Iron Lady!” And rightly so, let them be afraid! But in my personal life, there was no luck.
Our guys “Margaret Thatcher” are afraid! Recently, a young man came to the financial department to practice, as we say, on probation.

Not bad with him.
Immediately visible, male! Overheard inadvertently chatter girls in the planning department.
Oh, and they painted it in the brightest colors.
In general, his girls advertised great.
And I decided to test its merits in practice.
I ordered the secretary to invite him with a report at the end of the working day.
And all things are done.
All of the “Iron Lady” laid out as always on the shelves.
It remains 5 minutes before the appointed time and I am comfortable in a chair.
In the hands of the magazine Erotic content.
Frank pictures slightly excite my mind.
A light knock on the door tears me away from this occupation and he enters.
Yes, handsome, well-groomed.
Feels real male! I suggest he talk about the report.
I point to errors.
I myself take erotic poses in a chair, eat it with a look.
I show a wonderful view of the breasts by unfastening the top buttons of a business suit.

I throw my leg high over my legs so that black fishnet stockings are visible.
I feel that my trainee swam.
I get up from the chair, move closer, get close so that he would smell my sweet, dear perfume.
The smell of my body.
The smell of my desire.
Yes, I want! Yes, I want, I want this male, not thinking anything in accounting.
But from him and rushing, and rushing brute male power.
It seems she is even much stronger than my feminine lust.
And I, as if by chance, as if by chance touch his member.
He was startled by the unexpectedness, and of course he understood everything.
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