free naked cam girls He had enough sex for today and he pulled out his tired member from Inga.
Good lord For the first time with me.
Even the very first time, losing virginity, did not lose consciousness from the pain, but lost from pleasure.
Are you a sorcerer, Ilya? I have never been so good.

Where did you come from, such, in the village of Semyonovka? – She laughed.
From the glorious city of Riga, I was born there and lived up to six years.
Then my father took us here, to his homeland, he was from here, and my mother is a Latvian, just like you, Inga, only they are not already, my parents, they died early.
The father did not even have time to use the pension, twisted it, the mother died, having survived the father for five years.
So you, too, Latvian, half? I have a Russian passport, Inga.

But it is fine.
I fell in love with you, what I do not know.
Nothing to do, Ilyushenka.
I feel good with you too, but I love my husband too, My little knee. free naked cam girls
We can, sometimes meet, make love, and you should not change life, neither you nor me.
You have a family, the children are already big, but everything will break.
Yes, I always knew you were an intelligent woman.
You’re right, now, when I started, besides, this is a big deal on farming and there are so many plans and ideas in front, it’s not worth breaking life.
Everything will break then, but I really want to be with you more often, to admire you, to love you.
I need this too, Inga.
I will think, think and you, if you want this, as we see and where.
We have to solve this problem, Inga.
We will solve it, Ilya, and now it’s time to scatter so that everything is in order at home.

Let’s get dressed, honey.
And think faster, I also want to be with you, sometimes, and more often.
They dressed and kissed very passionately, goodbye.
Ilya escorted her to the closed doors and released.
Inga laughed and went to her home.
– ————————————————- — Ilya Sergeevich, Lena remembered from her life in Semyonovka.
When she married and left, he already worked as the chief mechanic of the Pervomaisky collective farm.
She liked her, although he was seven years older.
Then he looked at her too and even.
, but she left, and now, now, ten years have passed and much has changed.
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