gay male webcam chat His face was decorated with a fleshy, warty nose and small angry eyes.
Gourd was almost naked, only ragged tattered fabric hung down his thighs, exposing his huge hairy thighs.
With a shaking hand, Erge felt the blade handle at his belt and moved cautiously forward.
Suddenly something cracked under my foot.

Human bone! The guy recoiled in horror.
But it was too late to retreat, hundreds of rat eyes were staring at him.
– It seems, dinner is granted! – Gurd grinned, and then the rats rushed in the direction of Erge.
The guy snatched the dagger from his belt and began to fight back courageously.
In the end, rodents managed to prevail.
Cleverly clinging clawed paws to clothes, scratching and biting the skin into the blood, they managed to push Erge to the ground.
The dagger fell from his hand.
The body of the guy is almost completely hidden in the rat mash.
He could no longer resist.
Sharp teeth practically tore the flesh apart.

Pain confused consciousness.
Eyes covered with a bloody veil.
The light began to fade.
Suddenly Erge remembered the bag that the old man had given him.
It was not possible to move under the weight of the rat carcasses.
Having collected his last strength, Erge managed to contrive and reach for the saving pouch on his belt.
He threw a handful of powder.
With a shriek, the rats flew apart.
There was a bloody spot in that place.
With great difficulty, Erge managed to throw off the rodents and rise to her feet. porno webcam hidden
The explosions thundered until half of the rats were slaughtered, while others ran away in fear.
In the midst of a bloody slurry, the weakened boy could barely stand on his feet.
“Well, you managed with my rats, but can you deal with me?” Gurd rose from his chair and straightened to his full height.
The head of the giant rested against the ceiling.
Surprisingly, he was quite quick for his growth.

With the agility of a doe, he rushed at the boy.
But he, not wanting to give up, deftly shirked his tenacious paws.
Erge already exhausted.
And at some point, Gurdu still managed to grab his huge hands.
“Well, let’s see how you taste?” He had already opened his mouth, but then he let go of the prey and howled.
The guy threw powder in his eyes.
Distorted, Erge climbed up the giant’s back.
He caught his hands on a huge fleshy ear, grabbed a blade and struck a strong blow to the temple.
For a moment, Gourd froze.
Blood gushed from the wound.
The giant fell dead.
Erge did not remember how he got out of the mine.
I woke up, already lying on my bed in the tavern.
The body is sore and thick.
Eyes swelled.
The young man tried to move.
“He woke up, woke up!” He heard a joyful squeak over his ear.
“Well, thank God you’re alive! He still managed to open his eyes.”
The joyful faces of Erk, Oli, and Nnadi hung over the bed.

“Oh, and you did a good job of it, eh!” “I killed him?” – barely audible weakened voice asked Erge.
Friends looked at each other.
– Yes, apparently, the poor fellow had to be tight, he does not remember anything.
Okay, I’ll go, if anything, call me.
Erk left, leaving friends in three.
In the town a feast was announced in honor of Erge.
But the young man was still too weak.
And without waiting for the night, fell asleep.
Only a few days later, after a short rest and healing the wounds, Erge was ready to set off again.
Grateful residents went out to accompany friends to the gate.
Among the loud, enthusiastic shouts, the bees buzzed.
“Are you our hero now?” Erge smiled and waved his hand to them.
– I decided that.
The one-eyed bumblebee approached him and threw a string with a whistle around Erge’s neck.
– Take it, you are worth it.
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