petite amateur webcam You are punished, two days, without “medicine.”
Go wash your room! Came “doctor.”
The old woman, remembering the instructions of the “Book”, lifted her T-shirt, sat naked behind on the bed.
She spread her legs strongly so that her crotch was visible, and she put her hands on her knees, palms up.

– What is it? – Surprised asked “doctor”.
– So must sit, obedient slave, in the presence of a free man.
And the load on the boob, it was my master who punished me.
– Have you received any “medication” for a long time? – Second day.
And I’m punished for two more days.
– sighed old woman.
“But it’s also impossible,” the doctor resented.
– Understand, finally, we can lose the whole positive effect of treatment.
Why did I try? Wearing gloves, the doctor examined the woman and gave her a shot.
– Do what you want, beg your Master, but only get a “cure” from him.

Saying goodbye, the “doctor” left the room and closed the door to the lock. pussycaats webcam bongacams
The old woman burst into bitter tears.
Coming out of the room, the “doctor” collided with the “master” – Yes, you, you just work wonders, the old woman in the “slaves” pose, with a load on your boobs, is a miracle.
– Wait, there will be more toli.
– She’s crying there, and no wonder, two days without a “medicine”, how do you hang on? – Nothing, and worse.
– By the way, I immediately started hustling and drove a dose of relaxing to your mommy.
– It’s like, “doctor”? – The next half hour, she will shit and piss without noticing it, maybe right on the go.
– This is – famously! – laughed “Master”.
– Goodbye! – Happily! Good luck! The man opened the door and entered the mother’s room.
– Well, grandma, go wash the floor.

Taking a mop and a bucket of water, the old woman entered the large room.
The owner was watching her.
As soon as the old woman entered the room, a man saw that she poured between her legs and poop began to splash on the floor.
As if nothing had happened, the woman began to wash the floor.
“What are you doing, you old slut ?!” – Going to the slave, the man made her turn.
Seeing puddles of urine and rolling poop, the old woman cried out and sat down in horror.
The man looked at his watch, the time of action of the drug was over.
The old woman fell to her knees.
– I ask you, Boss.
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