sex hidden cam couple Duval, portraying indifference, quietly watched her.
Oh, how seductive she was in her open pose! He realized that he would not be able to continue the game for a long time, because his “core” growing with every moment would give him away.
However, he maintained a calm expression on his face.
Anna rose from the bed and, smiling tenderly, looking at him with wide eyes shining like stars, she stepped towards him.

“My love, don’t you want to sleep?” – smiled Duval, restraining his desire to pounce on her.
– Not yet.
– she smiled coquettishly and asked: – Honey, what are you writing? “You know that I am keeping a diary, describing everything that happens to us on this island.”
“Today’s incident must undoubtedly be brought here,” he explained, smiling.
Without answering, she spread her legs a little, wound a pen with a handkerchief between them and began to wipe there.
Duval rang in his head and goosebumps started running down the abdomen, but he continued to sit over the notebook.
Anna threw off her handkerchief and stretched, slightly leaning forward, bending the back and setting aside her ass, her “pyramids” jumped merrily.

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The handle was again between the legs.
Duval could not resist and, pulling her hand, he dropped to his lap, grabbed a thin brush and began to suck on the fingers that had been in the sweet spot.
– Sir, what are you doing? – Anna pretended to be indignant, laughing with her eyes alone.
– You bite my fingers off! “Mmm, yes, madam,” he croaked, “I, perhaps, really, bite them one by one.”
– And suddenly he ordered, hiding a smile, making a strict face: – Put the pen in there again and give me a minute! “Oh,” Anna’s eyes widened, her cheeks flushed, “sir, how shameless you are!” However, in her eyes merry sparkles jumped.
She paused for a moment, as if thinking about his order, but then, remaining sitting on his lap, she slightly threw her hips and launched a finger into her “flower.”
Impatiently Duval took a finger in his mouth and tasted the sweetness of “honey.”
– Oooh-mmm! – laughing and closing his eyes with delight, he drawled.
Then he dug into a chubby coral mouth with a long passionate kiss.

Nestling against his chest with his tops, Anna groaned.
Duval put her down on the bed, lay down on his back, resting his head on the pillow, stretched out and asked with a bewitching smile: “My love, sit down here and spread your legs,” he pointed to his chest.
– Are you sure? – Anna hesitantly looked at him with an embarrassed smile.
Without answering, he sat her down.
Taking her legs back, she leaned back a little, leaned her hands on her ankles.
Serge squeezed his favorite ass with his fingers and began to caress the honey “flower” with his lips.
Anna moved, then lifting herself up a little, then again dropping down on it.
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