webcam companion 2 Come here, Seryozhenka, – she patted the coverlet beside her.
The son moved to her, snug his nose comfortably in the hollow between the breasts, began to stroke his thigh.
– Oh, you: – Marina patted her son on the head, – what have you done? Who will feed you dinner now? I fucked my mother completely: – and she tenderly pressed her son’s head.
A deaf voice rang out from under the upper hemisphere: “Yes, dinner is ready, mom: I took that into account yesterday’s mistakes,” and a low chuckle.

– And there were no mistakes, son.

The fact that now – spontaneous sex, it should be the same for both of them: but when it coincides, how good it is, my God: Marina stretched out on the bed, stretched.
– Let go, son.
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Seryozhka got out of the hollow, knelt down.
– And then I’ll wash you, mom: and you – me: – Ok, – Marina, having kissed her son, got up and stretched again.
Not understanding, Seryozhka, before reaching the bathroom, stopped in front of the open door, and she sat down on the toilet and said to him with a smile: “Look, how the women are writing.

Not all adults have seen men. ”
Seryozhka smiled gratefully, came closer, peering between her spread legs, and she ran her hand down, parted so that he could see better, big lips with her fingers, with some special pleasure, looking at her son’s dick, hanging just before her eyes, released from a golden stream.
She bent down a little, reached out and gently grabbed the sausage with her teeth, shook it from side to side with a playful growl.
The shackled bounce jumped back and they went to the bathroom.
Having settled there under the hands of her son, Marina realized that she had arranged this small performance because she had not thought up on the move how else to reward her son for the pleasure he had just received, but wanted to reward immediately.
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