webcam stickam video If you divide your partner (or partner), then you are close to victory, but not quite.
If only one or fewer than four executions were performed, you must first carry out all of them (that is, all their varieties from A to De, how much you tormented your victim in general, it does not matter even if you felt it ten times before fucking , you still need to cuddle and knock).
The rules are about the same, the number of points must exactly coincide with the price of “punishment”, when brute force is more than 8 points “burn out.”
The only difference is that the price of “punishments” decreases by one.

Five successes in the series (flash) allow you to “punish” a completely naked opponent immediately and in any way.
This, by the way, was a great way to prolong the pleasure, or “pity” the opponent, giving him a ghostly chance of winning.

Although of course it is difficult to consider the manifestation of pity a picture when naked to the waist, staying in jeans and boots, you squeeze in vain for the breast of an absolutely naked girl. how to check if webcam is on
She moans “I can not anymore! Beat on the pussy and I will finish!” and you give her “Be patient girl, you have another chance!”.
Sometimes and vice versa.
😉 Finally, I will mention another interesting rule that brought a lot of pleasure when playing with experienced and relaxed partners.
If one player got the right to fuck the other and both of them are completely naked, the matter ends in real sexual intercourse, and the difference is only in who is on top (of course, the pleasant “victory” was played up by the temperament of both participants, the one who could well build from above , and the one who moaning from the bottom “Fucked me today, fucked”).

But if the winner in addition remained in at least one item of clothing (best of all, of course, in swimming trunks or panties), the matter was arranged in such a way that “I raped you (raped), but you could not undress me ().
The additional offense of such a defeat becomes clear when you imagine a naked guy who is dressed in a swimsuit (and even a skirt with stockings), the girl carelessly satisfies a domestic cat with her hand, and also persuades “Well, relax, well, what can we do now.”
The same was done in the opposite direction.
webcam stickam video