4 cams chaturbate “What, then, is a little erotic, just a little ?,” she replied jokingly, smiling.
– Then hold the glass.
– Uh, no, get out yourself.
There were hundreds of reasons.

Then, without changing anything, she brought a spoon with ice cream to her mouth, but one drop still fell off and rolled along her chin.
She did not even have time to brush her hand, as she felt the warmth of his lips, which with their tender kiss helped the droplets not to fall completely.
– Did you have time, but if the ice cream droplet rolled on? – I would have done everything, but just would not let her fall and melt on the grass, he replied.
In the glass left on the bottom of the wine, and he poured more.
She looked through the glass at the light.
Her gaze was piercing and mysterious.
So lasted a few seconds, while he said to her: – Look at the same way burning at me! In her eyes really was something burning desire.
“Come on, who will blink first, like in childhood, remember?” She said and penetrated right into his gaze.

He lasted, perhaps, a minute, not more, and his gaze involuntarily fell below.
The robe slightly exposed the female breast.
She was fresh and juicy, which was felt even under him.
– You lost, and, therefore, must fulfill any of my desire or whim, she said sternly.
She caught the delicate look of his subordination and immediately issued a slightly crumpled phrase of her desire, which, by the way, completely determined the meaning of everything that was happening at the moment.
And, despite the not quite literary proposal, they both understood its exciting meaning.
– I want, I want you to be able to catch up with that drop of wine that I drop when I drink wine.
He took a bottle of dark red wine and a glass to pour, but she unexpectedly put aside another glass and took the bottle in her hand.
He handed her a spoon with ice cream. nude cam chat
She licked it with the tip of her tongue, and the juicy flesh of melting remained on her lips.
She took a little sip.
Her lips were wet and eerily exciting.

He could not sit just like that, without action.
His hand touched her shoulder.
He immediately felt the passionate heat of her body.
The lightness of the fabric could not be kept on the bare shoulder and fell down.
She covered herself intuitively, but she felt a strong hand on her, which clearly prevented this.
“You don’t want to dirty the robe with wine, because it may not be washed off, he said, but then he heard an awkward excuse:“ Yes, but you promised me to catch this drop, right? – I promised, of course, but I did not say where I would catch her, but I will not let her fall on the grass, but I promise.
He touched his lips to her neck, then slightly deviated, but only a few centimeters remained between them.
They felt the rapid breathing of each other, and a shudder ran through their bodies.
From the next sip, that long-awaited sweet drop came off, which hurriedly rolled first along the chin, along the neck, and then, almost at her chest, her aching lips caught.

She had time to dissolve, but to break away from her body was no longer possible.
“Honey!” He said.
– I want this drop to have a little sister, but the older one, which means that it should be bigger and more mature.
The next drop stopped near the navel, where she was gently exposed to the unbearably pleasant tongue game.
Trembling languor more and more covered every cell of her body.
She didn’t know where to put herself, and how to deal with such a force of passion that burst from the inside.
He passionately and uncontrollably kissed her eyes, face, lips.
He groped for a more stable surface and put wine there.
His hand did not want to lose precious seconds, although he knew that this was only the beginning and they were waiting for a whole fantastic abyss of sensations and experiences! And when he put the wine, his hand accidentally touched a bowl of ice cream.
His fingers were soiled in ice cream, and he already tried to gently caress her body so as not to stain her velvety skin.

She pressed his hand to her stomach, but he whispered that she was afraid to stain it.
And she, barely audible, said: – Now we can not be afraid of anything else.
He continued to cover all her body with kisses, leaving the most intimate and intimate dessert for dessert.
He saw her squirming, and he himself, barely restraining himself, continued to experience this excruciating languor with her.
A piece of ice cream fell on a spot just below the navel, which was immediately filled with chic kisses.
Her breathing became so fast that it seemed that she would no longer tolerate and tear everything to pieces.
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