gay group webcam chat “I can’t wait!” With these words, Maria quickly lifted her skirt, lowered her panties and a curvy stream broke out of it, which we all could watch.
It was the end for Sandra, she suddenly stopped moving, abruptly took her hands out of the crotch and I saw a stream between her legs.
She signed up without waiting for her turn.
With all these events, I completely forgot about Eve who was still waiting for a free booth.

I asked her “How does she tolerate?” Yes, I need to pee, but not as much as the others.
“she said pointing to Maria, who was finishing her procedure at the urinal.
When Bridget left, Eve finally entered.
And I was left alone with the cryphos Sandra whose jeans were wet to the knees.
I waited for Elizabeth to come out and in silence I fulfilled my natural needs.
– Well.
– Mmm.
A couple of days later Nikita called me again, he suggested that I come to the unit again to have fun with the same lineup.
That is, these two will be too.
At the appointed hour, I drove to the unit, the same way Nikita led me inside.

In that room these two were already standing, Vadim and Glory, they introduced themselves.
I was terribly embarrassed, looking into their eyes began to undress.
When I was already completely naked, they surrounded me and began to stroke my ass, my back, with my thumbed finger, to enter my anus.
From this I was very excited, my cock was a stake.
I knelt down and began to stroke the pants of their pants, under which their members more and more swelled.
The first could not stand Vadim, he pulled his pants down and in front of my face appeared his almost worthwhile member. gay group webcam chat
I immediately took it in my mouth, I began to suck deeply, the rest immediately took off their pants, I took their members in my hands.
Then one, then another I sucked in turn their magnificent members.
Someone knocked me in the face with a member, someone taking the back of my head drove deep into my throat.
I licked their eggs, sucked and jerked their members, did not even notice when they undressed completely.

I was laid but the booth, Nikita and Slava stood on both sides near my head, so that I sucked them, and Vadim began to work out my anus with my fingers.
Vadim than me smeared my anus, and boldly wielded three fingers, stretching my anus.
Nikita and Slava, in turn, shoved their dicks into my mouth, and Vadik, having attached himself, sharply drove his bolt into my ass.
He lifted my legs and began to peck my ass like a sewing machine.
I pressed my legs to my chest, so that his cock entered me as deeply as possible, he beat me hard, so that I could no longer suck these two properly.
Vadim grabbed me by the shoulders and fucked everything more brightly, then he sharply lifted me up, grabbed my hair, put my cock in my mouth and started to finish.
I swallowed everything, but he still slid a dick over my face, knocked them on the cheeks, lit a cigarette and began to dress.
The time has come for Nikita and Glory, he put me on cancer, Nikita put it in my ass, Glory in my mouth.

It’s so great when one member is fully in the ass, and the second most eggs in the mouth.
They held me tight, one by the hips, the second by the head.
And fucked that there is power, It seemed to me that my anus was smoking, drooling flowed on my chin, I was suffocating every now and then, but they did not loosen my grip, they all liked it very much, even more fucked me.
The first could not resist Slava, he drove his dick into my throat and finished.
Nikita put me on his side, grabbed my buttocks with his hands and continued to fuck me like that, until he was discharged directly into the anus.
I lay on the bunk, exhausted but pleased.
The guys got dressed and let me know that I should go.
But I really had to go to the toilet.
Nikita gave me a coat, brought me outside and showed me where the toilet was.
“Just fast! But then someone else will notice more.”
I got to the toilet in one overcoat, the soldier’s toilet is something!
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