splitcam webcam The end of the day promised to be interesting.
Maxim drove the car confidently, conceived neglecting the red light.
When did my fall to the level of whore, I did not know.
And in general, all thoughts were somehow poboku.

I stupidly looked out the window: at other cars, at houses, quickly slipping past me and other vain urban nonsense.
Maxim parked the car and told to go after him.
I silently obeyed.
An elevator, a quick ascent, the ninth floor, two turns to the left and my employer has already quickly opened the door of the apartment.
Then I honestly expected to tumble me right in the corridor.
The expectations were not met.
We walked into a spacious hall and Maxim spoke dully, without looking at me: “Go to that room, change clothes and start.
I’ll be waiting for you here.
“In the room on the double bed I was waiting for a set of women’s lace underwear, nylon tights, a wig, and as it is called a thin little dress.
Dressing up took me about half an hour.
There was no mirror in the room, contrary to the pattern.
But looking down made it possible for me to understand that I look pretty nothing in this dress.
I straightened the wig on my head and walked back to the hall.
Max is absolutely naked sprawled in his chair, his really healthy member stood at all his twenty-five, even thirty centimeters. webcam masturbation dildo
– Kneel down, crawl up to me and suck.
– in a voice hoarse from arousal, he said.

I obeyed, crawled and bent over his cock.
Then he closed his eyes and ran his tongue under its entire length.
Max groaned: “Go on, do everything yourself!” He said in a tender voice.
I sucked his nature, tongue irritating head.
I put my mouth on his dick.
Not having time to make a pair of frictions, I heard the voice of Max: – Now I will finish, ssuka! He said with a groan.
– I want to obvflit your face.
He shoved me with his foot, grabbed me with one hand by the neck, the other shook the dick a couple of times.
Sperm began to lie on my face in large flakes.
She was a lot.
The first shot from his hero got mostly on a wig, the second covered my eyes with a whitish viscous liquid.
Damn, how unpleasant this feeling is when everything looks like silhouettes! I thought sexual intercourse is over now.
But no, Max lifted me to my feet with a growl and pushed me hard toward the room.
– Wait, we are not so.
– another strong poke knocked me to the floor in front of the bed.
Then I heard my dress being torn along the seam with a bang.
I was scared.
– Stop doing that! Please stop it! – I shouted, going to scream.
A strong cuff stopped my scream.
Without worrying about the integrity of the tights, my fucker tore them apart.

Max leaned over me, pulling openwork panties down.
I didn’t try to scream anymore.
After a couple of seconds, I felt like something big and cold trying to push the walls of my anus.
Further pain.
A flash of amazing pain.
It was as if an entire toy dump truck had been inserted into my anus.
And the quiet whisper of Max in his ear: “Be patient, bitch, you screwed me so that fucked up.
“You will like it, I guarantee it.
Tears streamed from my eyes.
The face was swollen.
Thank God that Max did not move in me, giving the sensation of a grenade blown up in the anus, to disappear.
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