webcam couple online In a word, they make even a slave out of her husband, but a slave, and he likes everything, he is happy with such a life! Does a normal man like such humiliation? Hardly.
Most likely, they get high, because they do not finish and are all the time in an excited state.
And here a very bright, realistic picture reappeared before my eyes: – Pregnant Katya is sitting on our bed in one pink peignoir, and smiles languidly.
Her legs are a little apart, and with her bright index finger manicure she gently caresses her pussy.

I stand completely naked in front of her, Tengiz comes to me in a strict black suit and tie, and in his hands is a chastity belt for men.
He says to me: “So that you no longer bother Kate with nonsense, your wife and I decided that it would be better for everyone if you wear a chastity belt from this day on.”
He handed me a metal device, and I myself voluntarily slammed it on my penis.
Tengiz continued the monologue: “Katya and I will have the keys to the chastity belt.
Katya, you promise that you will not open the lock for him when I am not at home?

My wife, speeding up the rhythm of finger movement on the clitoris, excitedly and mockingly replies: “Leave the keys with you, my sweet. porn webcam amateur anal
After all, Dima is my husband, all of a sudden he, in your absence, will ask me to open the lock, and I will be hungry and cannot refuse him.
In short, I finished again.
God, this is some kind of obsession.
But there were no disturbing thoughts anymore, there was a surprise: I had just just jerked off and finished on three consecutive occasions.
When was I still so excited? Around me, the emptiness of a hotel room and no one around, but only the situation in which I got, turned me on so that I could not cope with myself.
“I don’t know if I am doing the right thing with Katya or not, but what’s not bad for me now is for sure.
Even good.
Only anxious.
And it is alarming, because this has never happened to me before, and everything new is scary.
Apparently Tengiz meant this when he said that Katya and I should get used to the new format of relations, ”I fell asleep with this thought.

In the morning I came to work from the hotel, tried to take care of myself.
Somewhere around eleven, the chief asked me to enter his office: – So, I already know that you solved all the problems of our new partners! – he began on the move, – I don’t know how you helped them so quickly, and I don’t want to know: you know less – you sleep better.
But I congratulate you: I was told to prepare documents for signing the contract.
I prepared them, but I cannot find Tengiz, he does not pick up the phone.
Do you happen to know where he is? – In my house.
– I answered on the machine and realized that I had blurted out too much.
webcam couple online