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What is your one look, when I bandaged your leg! Listen, George, yes, the world is full of blue, not one of them was born.
In general, do not worry.
Oh, come on, weep! This is not the end, everything will work out, believe me! Leg soon healed.

Love left as imperceptibly as it came.
Mark kept his secret and never again mentioned that he knows.
He remained for George a very close friend, ready to help at any moment.
One evening, returning from Mark, George saw a gay man dressed as a woman.
He has never met a real gay man.
This man is the same as me! ”Flashed through his head, and George quietly followed him, driven by curiosity.
It did not take long to go, having walked just a couple of streets, the gay entered the door of the nightclub.
George did not decide to follow further.
He just glanced into the neon-lighted showcase with the care of a young animal that smelled the bait.
Since then, he began to secretly dress up in women’s clothes and hated himself for it.
George began to let go of his hair, and no one was surprised at this, knowing his obsession with modern music, like most boys of his age, and unaware of the true reason.
Dressing up and looking in the mirror at his own reflection, he was surprised to find that he could not be distinguished from the girl.

Sunny and windy spring came to a small English town.
Mark has a favorite girl with whom he spent all the time.
Love was everywhere – at every step one could meet walking, holding hands and kissing couples in love.
All nature was imbued with love — even every animal and bird had its own pair.
Looking at the awakening of nature and the love that reigned everywhere, George felt like an outcast, whom love always bypasses.
He so wanted to love, but did not know where to look for her.
Generally knew.
But he was not sure that he would find his soul mate in such an obscene institution, and not a partner for sex.
He had never felt so lonely and miserable, alone consuming the heavy burden of his shameful mystery.
Masked life became unbearable, and one evening he left to find what he needed so much.
Everything was happening, as if in a strange slow-motion dream, he went to the mirror, with a sinking heart, dressed in clothes that stunningly approached his blue eyes.
The final touch was lipstick, eye shadow and mascara, which made it completely indistinguishable from some charming little girl.
Finally, combing his delightful dark curls, George slipped out of the house unnoticed.
He was followed by the voice of his mother, obviously, with some question, but for the boy it was already unimportant, he hurriedly walked along that very street along which he had gone to school so many times, but it was so long ago.

or yesterday? The evening city was iridescent with hundreds of multicolored pulsating lights of passing cars, flashing traffic lights and shop windows and nightclubs burning with the soft, alluring light. hairy webcam dildo
By heart, learned signs and posters flashed in the opposite direction, like frames of a scrolling back film.
The windows of the homes of prosperous citizens burned comfortably, and it wasn’t for them to think about such things that the boy in the clothes of a homosexual who was rapidly moving away from the house was thinking about.
The member entered easily into the heated vagina, Svetlana jumped on the partner having leaned back and the chest, strained from excitement, flew up in a step.
This time she finished alone and moaned pressed against Anton.
– Why didn’t you finish? – I can not recover so quickly ,.
What confuses you? – Yes, in general, nothing.
I just have an orgasm stronger when sperm erupts.
– But now I can stay longer.
Turn over? – Turn over! Anton took Sveta’s thighs “on elbows” and quickly and freely began to work with his pelvis.
Svetlana moaned already all the time.
The member was like steel, and the woman’s labia were glowing with red-hot magma.
Soon came the eruption of the volcano.
Anton, exhausted fallen down next to his mistress, and closed his eyes.
– Do not sleep! We have no time for this.
The little demanding hand energetically took hold of the “root of pleasure” and began to rub it with her fingers.
Anton grinned and put his right hand between Svetlana between her legs.

With two fingers, the index and middle, he penetrated the vagina and began to caress the woman while stroking the clitoris.
Sveta again groaned and all twisted.
– Want more? – Can I come to you in the ass? – You can, but first behind the vagina! Svetlana turned, Anton joined up from behind and not listening, began to gently insert the member into the anus of her partner.
– Anton! – I a little bit.
I gently The sphincter ring already clasped the slippery penis and the partner cautiously began the anal act.
At first, Svetlana, indignant, became patiently “podmahivat” – she didn’t feel pain – she was simply not used to.
The anal act did not satisfy anyone, and Anton soon came out of the gate and entered the “other door”.
Having experienced several orgasms, the partners were already more patient with each other and the contact was long, very long.
The orgasm turned out to be long and comprehensive – the lovers experienced it almost simultaneously.

I arrived at 9 o’clock, you did not manage to meet me, I do not remember for what reason, and I went to you on foot.
Well, that from my father’s military unit to you is not so far away.
I turned on the music on the player and went to you.
After 10 minutes you called me and asked where I was.
I was just coming to the Primorye supermarket and you, bypassing the underground ways, do not understand how, but turned out to be behind me.
Turning around and seeing you, tall, strong, black-haired, I involuntarily straightened up and headed towards you.
Jumping on you, you picked me up and swirled around you, lowering I started kissing you, you kissed me back, and then, tearing away from my lips, you said, “Hello, honey.”
My joy knew no bounds, answering you: “hello, dear” kissed you once more.
You took my hand and we went to you.
You explained why you didn’t manage to meet me, but honestly, I don’t even remember the reason.

We walked and talked about everything.
You argued at every opportunity, proving your point, and I pinched you, and each time you asked the same question: “For what,” and I answered: “For arguing.”
You just smiled and, of course, could not help but take revenge and started pinching me back.
When they came to you, you made me hot tea, the morning was cool, despite the fact that it was mid-summer, we drank tea, and you asked what I did for 2 days without you, you left for the city, and I stayed in the village.
On the computer you played music, not loud, we did not interfere with communication.
It is always hot in your apartment and you offered me to put on your shirt, I was in a t-shirt and a shirt was worn over the breeches.
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