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Somehow two dudes arrived from some remote place to the ba-alshaya city.
With all his temptations and difficulties.

Dress up the dudes in the latest fashion: pink socks, orange shoes, lilac pants, a crimson jacket and a polka dot tie.
Dough with them took an unmeasured amount – it was about 3 days to pull off: 1, 2 and 3 May.
Holidays promised to be very “tense”.
On the first day, the guys visited the pivbar, drank a good beer, and discussed the upcoming football championship.
They spent some money – they decided to leave more for tomorrow.
The next day, they awoke their sexual desire.
They wanted a woman.
I wanted terribly.
It seems a shame to jerk off – adults are already (19 years old), and there is money.

In short, the boys went to the park in the evening.
Began to carefully examine the neighborhood.
We noticed one woman came up, found out the price. arab lesbian webcam
Expensive, also old and toothless.
Noticed another – some kind of pimply.
Here, two painted youngsters of 15-17 years old approach the guys and begin to get acquainted, and then they are offered to give them a “cool suction” for 300 rubles.
How all went well! Dudes with girls went to the nearest bushes, where darker.
Professionally, the girls undid the boys’ trousers, took out their excited organs.
Took them in your mouth.
The boyish souls rejoiced indescribably.
Suddenly, out of nowhere – COPES !!! The girls immediately recoiled and moved to the side, wiping their drooling mouths.
So what do you do ??? The boys hesitantly answered: Yes, nothing particularly.

And why the pants below the knees down? Yes, we, this, piss went.
By the way, pissing in an unspecified place is a fine of 500 rubles.
On this toilet is! And the members are worth something – the cops didn’t let up.
Well, it’s so convenient, – the boys answered, relaxing a little.
One even wanted to stretch his pants, but a blow with a baton in the balls distracted him from this idea.
Did the girls go piss too? The girls exchanged glances and grinned: Nah! These two geeks wanted to rape us! Hit in the balls was indignant: You sho, bitch, oh.
it really! The second blow to the balls came to the article – the boy fell to the ground, groaning and holding his wounded place with his hands while urinating uncontrollably.
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