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Lena, – I began in embarrassment, – you don’t think so.
is everything too open? So what? – the wife looked with some challenge, – there everyone will look like that! Watching Yes, I, in general, do not need anyone except you.
Neither watch nor.

Lenka said nothing.
I put on a formal suit with a bright tie.
The tie was chosen by the wife, and I felt like an idiot.
I myself would have tied a more modest one to match the suit.
But I had to agree – the spouse was categorical.
Let’s go on.
taxi: to sit on a jubilee sober, repeating the stupid phrase “driving” – has always been beyond my strength.
The chef lived in a spacious two-story cottage, surrounded by a three-meter fence.
From somewhere behind a brick barn, three or four dogs barking were heard, and the guards were at the gates of a gloomy look.
Guests were greeted by the wife of the chef – an over-ripe lady, reeling from the last strength.

She had a long nose and a very mobile face.
If the actress Ani Girardot sticking a bigger nose – here will be the chief’s wife Anna Arnoldovna.
Evgeny Pavlovich, the hero of the occasion himself, seemed to me to be quite a pleasant person, not too spoiled by money.
Solidity showed through, and in his figure, and in the manner of communication.
Unfortunately, it was impossible to say the same about his son.
An impudent sight, a powerful shorn neck, two gold chains in a finger thick.
It often happens: the father is a normal man, he works, he earns, and his son – a playboy and macho – spends without a twinge of conscience.
Another person immediately caught my attention – a security guard standing at the entrance to the hall where guests gathered.
He ignored the men, and scolded the women with arrogant eyes. jasmin adult cam
By the way, almost all the ladies were in long, one might say, ball gowns, only my Lena and two more young, always giggling girls, put on a mini.

The rest of the guests – and there were at least fifty – sixty people – seemed to me the same person.
Began in an American way: standing.
I never liked to walk in the crowd with a glass.
For some reason I always in such cases fear that I will be pushed and the glass will fall out of my hands.
In this case – it cost.
As a snack on the tables – somewhere near the wall, where it was impossible to get through – there were small sandwiches.
Evgeny Pavlovich approached everyone, thanked him for honoring him, the old man, with attention.
And my Lenuska even kissed the pen, which caused Anna Arnoldovna’s vinegar smile.
And the son behind them smiled vilely.
Then he walked over and introduced himself, casually sweaty my palm and glancing at Lenka with leering.
Vova – that is exactly what he called himself, having become a brother, and maybe, as such, he also fell on the handle of my wife.

Pulling off his hand, Lenka moved aside, and Vova again twisted his physiognomy in a grin.
He bit me, – Lenka whispered, and I saw a bite mark on her hand.
Stay closer to me, do not walk away, and everything will be fine – I already knew that it would not be good.
Anna Arnoldovna in a croaking voice invited everyone to another hall, where, to my joy, long tables were laid.
That is – in Russian, I thought, and took my wife from the very end, away from the hero of the day, and from his son.
The toasts followed one after the other, and somehow everything quickly kicked up.
Despite the abundance of snacks, of which I tried not to miss a single one, my head was noisy.
Lenka, it seems, also drank pretty.
I want to dance, – she babbled in my ear in a capricious voice, – well, when will the dances? I carefully – as far as I managed to concentrate – looked at my wife.
Her eyes glittered, a blush appeared on her cheeks, she often twisted her head, quickly looking at the guests.

Everyone said something, and there was a general hubbub.
Have a bite! – I put more sturgeon and lettuce.
I do not want.
– Lenka pulled, – I want to dance.
With displeasure, I noticed that she began what is called, shoot eyes, and often stopped looking at Vova, who was sprawled on a chair next to her father.
Lena, can we leave? – I wanted so much to be home now! You chee I must still show them all how I can dance! – Lenka was completely drunk.
To my horror, Anna Arnoldovna announced that whoever wants, can dance in the next room.
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