bongacams devockakiss sweet private I changed clothes and washed.
When I returned, she was still reading.
I noticed that she bent one knee and her legs were slightly apart.
I could spy on her shorts.

I sat down next to better see.
I opened the book and pretended to read, while I myself was looking at curls of hair around her panties.
What happened then surprised me.
I saw her hand move and look up.
Her face was still blocked by the magazine, so I stared at the shorts again.
She reached out with her hand to her leg and raised her ass to loosen her panties.
She pulled off her panties and began to scratch her pubis.
When her hand moved I could see her labia protruding between the hair.
After a couple of seconds, she removed her hand.
Then she closed the magazine and sat down.
“Let’s go get something to drink and sit down at the kitchen table,” she said.
I recalled that I had seen her bare cunt for the next couple of days.
My dick stood almost all the time when I was next to her.

After a couple of days, Betty tried to scratch her back and said that she could not reach.
I stretched out my hand and began to gently scratch it.
Then she leaned forward and put her head and hands on the back of the easy chair.
I was right behind her and her ass was a centimeter from my stiffened member.
She asked to scratch harder and higher.
When I reached forward, my protruding member nudged her slightly in the ass.
She did not move for a minute while I scratched her. asian crossdresser webcam
Then she asked if I could rub her back harder.
I began to rub her back muscles.
My dick pushed against her butt all the time while I rubbed her back.
Then Betty twisted her pelvis so that her cunt came into contact with my throbbing cock and she pushed her ass right on me.
I thought I would finish in my pants when she asked to untie the strings of her cloak so that I could give her a real massage.
I untied the knot and let go of the laces.

As I continued to massage her, I looked around to see her bare breasts dangle.
These movements caused my hard penis to roll over her pussy.
Betty pushed me harder and twisted her ass.
The sight of her hanging breasts and protruding nipples caused me to lose control and literally cum in my pants.
I kept rubbing it for a few more seconds, but Betty guessed what had happened and stood up.
She turned to me.
While I was considering her bare breasts, she asked me to tie her cloak again.
I gently covered her breasts and stretched around her to tie her shoelaces.
She hugged me while I fumbled with the knot.
After that, Aunt Betty said that I could do her a massage whenever I wanted.
A couple of days later I came home when Betty was in the shower.
The bathroom door was a bit ajar.
When the sound of water subsided, I decided to wait for it to come out.
I was rewarded for my patience.
She came out of the bathroom completely naked.

She looked at me and smiled.
– Oh, you’re early at home.
I’ll go get dressed.
I will leave in a couple of minutes.
I continued to look at her, whereas she did not even attempt to hide behind herself while walking to her room.
I remembered that she said that I could massage her at any time and decided to act.
I went after her.
“I would like to give you a massage again,” I said.
– Great idea! Betty spread a towel on the floor near the bed.
Then she lay down on her stomach and folded her arms under her head.
She was still naked! Her legs were spread apart and I was stunned by the sight of her naked cunt.
After a couple of minutes, I came around and knelt between her legs and started rubbing her back.
Betty screamed and said how nice she was.
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