skritaya camera sex Where to go? – I dont know.
And let’s go to McDonalds !? I want to go to McDonalds! – suddenly said Denis, looking across the street at the restaurant.
– Hmm.
Well, let’s go of course.

I really was there all that.
– Do not lie, Yang! – Denis laughed when we closed the car crossing the road.
– Yes true! I say those! I especially do not like all this chemical cuisine.
– Wow! – he laughed.
Very tasty! – Well, I’m not as advanced as some.
– I smiled looking at Deniska.
We went inside.
At the long rack, on this side, there was a line.
And behind the counter, they ran like half-witted ones, and all as one person, the workers in the same form.
Each carried something, did something, sometimes just looking at those present in the hall.
I looked up to where the signboard-price was hanging under the ceiling.
– McNagens.
Roll, Frol fucking.
Fie you.
I don’t understand a damn thing.
– I lowered my eyes and immediately realized that I was “thinking” out loud, as several angry looks were directed at me.

I naively smiled at the woman in glasses who stood before us.
– Sorry.
– I said.
Deniska, having stopped laughing at me, asked: – What are you going to? – I? Hm
That figs know her.
I say, I was here a couple of times, and even then, the guys bought everything themselves.
Denis scratched his head, smiled mysteriously and said: – Well then, of course.
Do you like potatoes, fried? “Love,” I replied.
With sour cream if more.
– Yeah.
And Coke? – he continued.
– Well, so-so.
Well, I can, drink.
With vodka.
– And ice cream? – he was already laughing.
– By the buzz.
I love it! – sauces there any? How? Will you? – In the fridge I saw how much? – I laughed.
– I see.
And Cheeseburgers, hamburgers? – What are you all this dis? – I asked. lolly pop webcam shows
– Why what?
Give me the money and go sit down at the table.
You will try a complex lunch.
– Complex? Hm
Come on.
Integrated so comprehensive.
– I smiled holding out Deniska money.

I walked through the hall, accompanied by the curious glances of the chewing visitors and noticing the empty table by the window, pushing the chair back, sat down.
Sorry you can not smoke – I thought.
While Denis was making an order, I looked at him, and one thought occurred to me more and more.
Thought that I really loved this kid.
I fell in love somehow in my own way, with some sort of inner love of my own.
Loved him the way he wanted to love him.
This little devotee angel with a kind and trusting soul.
The little man, who, after a long and difficult journey along his fate, has finally reached that cherished goal.
Found what I was looking for.
And now, having gained peace and balance, he began to enjoy all the pleasures of this life.
I do not want to call myself his savior and do not want to say that I made him happy.
Or maybe.
And though who if not me? I myself did not understand what I did.

Well, maybe of course he could refuse, maybe he could tell me at that moment that he does not want to be with me.
But this was not.
It turned out the opposite.
Even more.
I loved the boy! I broke the most terrible taboo of my concepts about life! I myself began to feel for him.
I began to worry about him and worried, he became for me something more than just an acquaintance.
Became a brother.
Brother? Brother? Hm
Perhaps more.
Good lord Well, there for those ancestors who could refuse, okay.
not refuse, but just not to notice such a man in life? I will never believe that an ordinary, ordinary family can be so loaded with problems and difficulties, no matter what attention is paid to it.
And what the hell are they having problems with ?! Smart, kind, in the end a healthy kid! What is there for bitches? Or am I just misunderstanding something? Well, perhaps today is the day to find the answer to this question.
– Hey!

What are you thinking about! – suddenly came the ringing voice of Deniska.
He put the tray down and threw me the change on the table, ran after the second one.
When he came and sat down opposite, he asked again: “What am I talking about, are you sad?” – Yes, yes.
About you Dis.
– About me? And what about me need to be sad? – he smiled.
– Well no.
I’m just like that.
I’m getting ready.
Deniska opened a small plastic jar with some sort of sauce and dunked a piece of chicken into it, handed me: – On! Try it!
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