amateur webcam live I searched among the open spaces of the bed, my adorable body and honestly admit, with a sinking look at the second one.
Here he is.

Naked, only the sheet covers dignity.
In the dark everything is so difficult to see, leaned closer and felt his even and warm breath.
It’s funny, but she has never considered his face for so long.
Thick black eyelashes, lips.
so appetizing that she reflexively bit her lower one, was on her knees, folding her arms in front of her, without even blinking.
– Will you stare for a long time ?! I jumped on the spot and fell on my back.
Once I didn’t scream, I don’t understand myself.
His voice arose like a bolt from the blue.
I can not recover, still so scared that involuntarily begin to cry.
Here is a fool.
So many years, but still scared like a child.
I was covered with panic, insult, shame – a cocktail that is necessary.
I through the power of pressing in my sobs, if only he had not noticed.
– Undress.
The voice sounded so empty and so ironic.

My things, compared with the carpet, fell dirty lump.
Like a lost kitty, crawled to Alex.
Without opening his eyes, his strong hands threw me down and squeezed me in my arms.
Sobbing, snuggled as close as possible, and he dried my tears with kisses and stroked my hair.
Another moment and I was carried away into a rapturous and long-awaited dream.
Or a day.
Downpour, solid wall, crumbling on the window.
I stood up and was alone in this huge bed.
She fell again, the lenses of a chic chandelier glowed dully in my pupils.
Eyelids opened and closed hard, the sleep did not want to be released from its captivity, thought about the upcoming visit to Denis and did not notice how Alex stood in the doorway. remote control vibrator webcam
– Good morning, time is 10–00 and I am late for the meeting, so I quickly go to the shower and have breakfast.
Our eyes met, and it was him again.
Iron Man.
In a dark green suit, in a tie, with a powerful note in his voice.
Everything is back to square one.

And why did I come, why? To show your weakness? Showed? He left, leaving a shirt and a towel on the edge of the bed.
I did not know what to say to him, once again.
My brain turned off completely – I do not want to play these games, masks, fairy tales.
I want ordinary heat, which does not dissolve in the morning or after a month, or even a year.
True, my mistake was to come here and something completely gray and nauseous, the nasty drool to my throat, squeezing tears from my eyes.
No, I do not want anything.
I will fulfill the order of Albert and terminate the contract, I will leave my eyes looking.
Away from these false hugs, phrases and situations.
I wind myself up, it is, but no action followed to dissuade these thoughts.
My shaking legs went down to the first floor.
There in the kitchen, reading a magazine, he poured coffee and waited.
– Where are you going !? Vita? – In the hotel, I can not stay, I’m sorry.
– my head hung down.
– As you please.


I raised my boots and opened the door, went out under a deafening shower.
I was shaking from the cold, but even more from his inaction, my bare feet froze with each step, with each inhale it cooled my pain.
It’s very simple, raped and thrown, such as I will be with him every week.
Fool! Fool! Tears flowed like a stream, but the rain skillfully hid my attacks.
– What are you doing!? Vita !!! – his voice thundered behind his back, a hot hand grabbed my hand and wrapped me in my arms, – I don’t care where you are going !? What’s the matter?! “You don’t need me,” my blue lips trembled and carried complete nonsense, but I want to hear something else, I want to hear what I need, and not how we famously fucked.
“Did you talk like that?” – water dripped from his eyelashes, his whole suit could be pressed, how would he go to the meeting? Threw me over my shoulder and returned to the house.
As befits a real man who is not lucky with a woman.
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