hot girl111 webcam Well, we windy women, what can I say.
But I checked everything! Everything is in place.
In full, so to speak, a complete set.
And, which is absolutely surprising, this equipment does not give my husband peace neither by day nor by night, for two years now.

Oh, he is her, and so, and syk.
Again I am in the wrong opera! If it is shorter, so as not to be driven into your coffin by lyrical digressions, – I graduated from school, went to college, no matter what, and jumped into marriage.
But, remember, like a classic: “The Decembrists woke Herzen, Herzen:” woke someone else up there.
I mean, my husband woke a woman in me! And he was not my first, sort of like, but the previous ones did not touch me.
Maybe not tried! – Sex, like fuck, was monotonous and one-sided.
Sorry for the pun.
But Dimok my turned all my concepts about fucking, at that time.
He, of course, is seven years older than me.

But the matter, actually, is not this, – he is a dreamer.
Not predictable, or it seems to me that it is unpredictable, but for me it still sometimes remains a mystery.
– I never know what is happening in his head with his shaggy hair.
Never before have I imagined that in bed, with a bottle of champagne and olives, you can spend the whole day.
With husband, of course! I don’t even know how to say if we have sex interruptions, we do the opposite.
He kisses, then strokes, then licks, then.
This and that.
And in the ass, for the first time, again.
And he says, my dreamer.
What just does not say! Says and jerks me nonstop.
I flow and finish, never finished so many times in a row! In general, all-sensible sexual games in our family are welcome.
Fantasies on any topic – be so kind.
Rope, vibrators and porn videos, of course.
Everything is good, if it were not my desire to show off, then give me the center of attention!

Then I remembered my ballet dances. hot girl111 webcam
What would, one wonders, do not make a surprise for her beloved husband? And she learned, the benefit of the house I sit all the time, several particularly popular movements in strip clubs.
She added something from her repertoire.
I tried in front of the mirror.
And if without false modesty, – rehearsed.
Pierced, as they say, the spirit of creativity.
Without exaggeration.
So fascinated that even a few sets of clothes for myself acquired, solely for use for dancing with undressing.
I liked so-so in a new role that all my rehearsals ended in masturbation.
And so it happened! Although not planned.
My faithful are sitting at the computer, which happens often – this is his job.
And I want sex so wildly, that already reduces the stomach.
To hell with him, that I’m wearing a dressing gown and underwear that’s not “striptease”, I’ll dance! – Danced.
I still had the panties on when my husband started to water our carpet with sperm intensively.
– Well, who would have thought?

A little later, he, of course, rehabilitated.
Since then, this kind of exercise has become the constant companion of our family entertainment.
Having undergone minor but qualitative changes and improvements, my dance number painted with new tones, etc.
and t.
and t.
Frankly, my dances inflated me so that I could finish without the intervention of Dimon, almost a moment.
And already impaled on the fat end of my husband, I orgasmed several times almost continuously.
And I thought, you know what? – The fact that the public is not enough! I read all the above and was horrified! It turns out that it is very instructive to read what is written, even with one’s own hand.
– Despite the fact that everything that was above was only an introduction, I managed to tell my modest autobiography to an inexperienced reader; publicly expose yourself and discuss the flaws of your own figure and reveal the intimate aspects of your sex life.

In both! – In truth, the language of a woman is her enemy.
My happiness, that my husband will never read this.
All for grateful descendants.
We went the other day to the bath (rejoice, O men reading these lines, for I have come to the point).
And do not, please, insinuations like – “surprised”! Just to the bath.
No anniversaries, birthdays and other things.
On a chilly October day, a company of eleven people.
The company, it should be noted, has chosen a motley mix: three couples, including Dimon and me; a couple of his colleagues, and friends of others are toli of these colleagues, then someone from the pairs.
hot girl111 webcam