nome live webcam But then he started crying anyway — more from resentment than from pain.
But the pain prevailed after all.
I was beginning to twitch, wriggle with my whole body, wiggle a punishable place.
Sometimes the father tied his hands and feet with a clothesline.

Inflicting 70-80 blows father stopped spanking.

Sometimes, the belt getting on the tailbone or the ring of the anus along with the pain caused an attack of the pre-orgasmic state.
Although the flogging of sexual pleasure itself did not cause, except the procedure of waiting and preparation.
Then my father let me go and told me to either get up and put on my clothes, or to stand in the corner for some time with a whipped ass.
Then he sent a shower.
Then I had to ritually promise to correct. bbw creampie masturbation webcam

That was how simple and ordinary my dedication took place.
And now I have become not a free man, but one of the things of my new mistress.
“It will be all you will be in, dressed, slave!” – Elena smiled.
“Though sometimes I don’t like you to sparkle your bare bottom here.”
I took a deep breath, realizing that the orders of my new mistress are much tougher and more severe, and the slightest failure to comply with or retreat from them will mean punishment for me.

Although, as she made it clear to me that it is simple, if she wants to punish me for her pleasure, she will definitely do it.
It was precisely this that frightened me and made me see in it, not just an equal person and a real Boss, who acts on his own discretion and mood, and easily can just whip or think of even more humiliating and sickness punishment.
Uncompromisingness was felt in the girl, and if she wished for something, then there was no point in begging her, because it could be even worse.
I am just one of her things, among the furnishings, such as the sofa on which she sits, I said to myself.
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