sex cam gay I try to close my eyes.
Instantly pops today’s party.
It would seem, sleep well, you won it … almost won … nowhere does it go from you.
What then torments me? What? Turn on the light.

Position on the board.
Well, yes, everything is clear.
If he is a good girl, he will get mate in eight moves, if he is a fool, and even earlier.
He seems to be a smart guy, so he must surrender without replaying. sex cam gay
Now I’ll analyze it at home and tell me tomorrow … damn, today … in my thin voice: “I give up.”
I will get a treasured point and in two rounds before the end of the tournament I will officially confirm the “master”.
Damn, and what figure came up every year to confirm the title? Scrolling the game again, from the first move.
Protection Nimzovich.
Small, who with me in the “nimtsovka” to think it over – Misha Nemtsov.
That is why he remembered that he had a nimzukovich crypt.
In my fourth move, castling, I transfer the game to the main branch of the Rubinstein variant.
I won a lot of games with this debut. sex cam gay