xonicxo s bio and free webcam She understood that men really like it when a partner reacts to their efforts in just that way.
And her partner, meanwhile, also did not lose time in vain, helping the man insert a member, if he suddenly jumped out and did not find the hole again.
A few minutes later, which seemed to the general for hours, the girls changed places, continuing this sexual marathon.
An hour passed, and the old man begged: Girls! You are not tired for an hour? Not! – they laughed, continuing to fuck with the general that was in their life for the first time.

Beauties! Well, full! It’s time and the honor to know, otherwise my old woman won’t get anything, – the general pleaded and sat down.
– I think that after such a massage it’s time to warm up in the steam room.
As you say, the girls got up and put on their dressing gowns.
By their innocent mines on their faces, no one could have determined that they had just gotten off the peasant.
In the steam room, they whipped him with birch besoms, dipped them into a cold font, and when they took them out to the dressing room, wrapped in a sheet, they sat down at the table where the trade union god nodded.

Well, what is the bathhouse? – He winked meaningfully, pouring brandy into a glass of a high guest.
Good Damn good! And the massage? No words! Your nurses are real specialists in this area.
After their massage, I again felt young, – the general turned to the girls and alternately clinked his glass with their glasses filled with champagne.
For your health, comrade general! – the girls got up and raised their glasses.
Thank you, dear, thank you! I have always said that the key to all our success is unity and strong friendship between the army and the people.
On the report to the district commander on the results of his inspection of the military units involved in the harvest, the general paid special attention to the advanced experience of the virgin company Major Yermolin. xonicxo s bio and free webcam
Where is he from? – asked the commander.
From the Far Eastern Military District.
Do not forget to include this major in the list of winners! – commanded the commander.
It would be annoying not to note the director of the state farm: “it is too painful for the army to communicate with the people,” the general suggested.

And him too! – commanded the commander.
Following the results of the harvesting company, in the big metropolitan republican theater, high government awards were presented to distinguished themselves.
Together with everyone else, they received their orders: Major Yermolin, the director of the state farm and our general.
And at the same time, the secretary of the party organization of the state farm presented valuable gifts to the leaders of percussive labor.
Among others were our Koreyanochki.
Golden watch flashed on their lovely labor pens.
The girls smiled sweetly, modestly drooping their eyes, accepting greetings from those around them.
And none of those present, except for a narrow circle of people, knew about the significant contribution that they made to the early harvest.
When I returned to the bedroom, I saw Sergey fuck my wife in the ass.
She was lying on her back, bending her legs, and he pressed her knees to her breasts with his weight.

I saw how his shiny lubricating member slid easily in her ass.
I walked up behind me and began to look at this fascinating picture.
Sergey’s eggs rhythmically hit the ass of his wife.
I could not resist and touched them with my hand.
He was all tense, his testicles pressed against the trunk of the penis and he began to cum right in my wife’s ass.
He did not take out the penis, but a little more moved them and at that moment my slut finished.
I saw her nails dig at his lower back and buttocks.
She did not want to let him out of himself.
After a while he got out of it and I saw how a stream of sperm flowed out of his wife’s shiny ass.
The wife tried to squeeze the anus ring, stiffened and sperm flowed out.
She was lying on the bed, straightening her legs and languishing languidly like a cat from pleasure.
Sergey went to the bathroom to wash his dick, and I let my wife suck mine.
Then I laid her on the side and went into her hole from behind and began to fuck like that.

When Sergey came, he raised her right leg and placed his face in front of her mink.
First, he kissed her belly, and then went down below and began to caress the clitoris with his tongue.
I slowly moved my dick in my wife’s hole, and I felt like Sergey was stroking my balls, and with his tongue he was holding his dick in the barrel.
I was extremely pleased.
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